8.0.0-Pre18.2 1 day ago
8.0.0-Pre18.2 Changelog
Added customModelData setting for GKits
Added barriers to trench blacklist
Updated enabled setting for enchantmentTable.yml to disable enchants from appearing in enchantment table
Added support for unsafe enchants applying in enchantment table (E.g. Sharpness on an Axe)
Fixed slot limitation for enchantment table custom enchants
Updated exp consumption when only custom enchants were applied in enchantment table

8.0.0-Pre18 3 days ago
8.0.0-Pre18 Changelog
Fully reworked enchantment table, new configuration required for enchantment table to work (Delete your old enchantmentTable.yml file and let the plugin generate a new one, new file available for preview here)
Added 'settings.organizeEnchantsOnItems' to automatically re-organize enchant list in lore based on rarity in groups.yml (by default set to true)
Fixed %is on fire% condition not working due to default fire ticks when not on fire being -20 instead of previously 0
Added API method 'AEAPI.organizeEnchants(ItemStack item)', returns itemstack with organized enchants list

1.8 - .1.16.4 7 days ago