Akuma is a general purpose network core which was originally designed for the HCStatic Network, This network core was designed to compete with plugins such as AquaCore and Phoenix / pxCore, whilst being efficient it also has a very indepth developers api allowing for easy integration with all of your plugins.

Why Us: Compared to our competitors we strive to give an affordable and an even more efficient solution for your network, We also offer more flexibility with addons meaning that unlike our competitors if an addon is made for the plugin you will never have to pay for it aside from the purchase of the original plugin.


  • Ranks (Per Server and Global)
  • Punishments
  • Grants
  • Notes
  • Staff Chat
  • Staff Connection Messages
  • Tags
  • Indepth Developer API
  • Vault Support
  • 2FA
  • Discord Rank Sync
  • Discord Webhooks
  • Essential Commands (/message, /reply, /gamemode etc)
  • Disguises
  • Rank Disguises
  • Tips
  • History
  • Alts
  • Chat Moderation
  • Per Player Permissions (Per Server and Global)
  • Cross-Proxy Support
  • Support Placeholder API
  • Rank Editor
  • In-Game Proof Management


MongoDB and Redis









config.yml -> https://hastebin.insidious.cc/yaroledase.yaml

discord.yml -> https://hastebin.insidious.cc/kakufupeda.less

messages.yml -> https://hastebin.insidious.cc/oqehanifug.less

tips.yml -> https://hastebin.insidious.cc/qowebocofa.yaml

webhooks.yml -> https://hastebin.insidious.cc/buwomowayo.pl


Akuma-Bungee: Allows you to handle bungeecord ranks from ingame

Akuma-Staffmode: Adds staff mode and other moderation features to you server (Coming Soon)

Akuma-Discord: Sync your ranks between your Minecraft server and Discord.

Akuma-Velocity: Allows you to handle velocity ranks from ingame

Artemesia v1:  A highly configurable hub core supporting both redis & bungeecord.

Silence: A general purpose HCF core containing several features (More Information In The Discord)

Price Of Addons: FREE

Terms Of Service:

1. We can terminate your license at any time if we wish to do so.

2. You may not leak / redistribute any of our products doing so will result in termination of your license and access to the product.

3. You are responsible for your License, meaning if it gets leaked and gets terminated you will not get another one.

4. You may not charge back. doing so will result in termination of your license.

5. We do not issue refunds for any reason.

6. If you want something added we are not obligated to add it though if we have time and think its a good idea we may do so.

7. You may not decompile / attempt to decompile our code. doing so will result in a termination of your license.

By purchasing any of our products you automatically agree to these terms of service, these can change at anytime and we do not have to warn you.

After Purchase:

Once you purchase the product you must join our discord at dsc.gg/insidiousdev and create a ticket to get your license,

without a license the plugin will not run.