Assign commands to items that players can redeem. NBT API is required for the plugin to work.


  1. Actions - Choose from 14+ actions to be executed when the player redeem the voucher (PlaceholderAPI is supported)
  2. NBT - Go beyond available customization options for voucher items with NBT tags
  3. Confirmation - Avoid using a voucher by accident by enabling the confirmation GUI which will be opened when the player tries to use a voucher
  4. Bind to receiver - Allow only the player that has received the voucher to use it
  5. Cooldowns - Allow players to use again a voucher only after a certain period of time
  6. Sounds - Play a sound when the voucher is received / redeemed, when it is on cooldown, when the limit was reached, etc.
  7. Arguments - Everything that's typed after the give command can be used on the voucher settings, from item display name / lore to messages and permissions. Use %args[INDEX]% to access a certain argument or %args% to display them all
  8. Tags - Evaluate math functions, generate random numbers or pick a random element from a comma separated list of values
  9. Limits - Useful for limited edition vouchers, the limit can be global or personal and allow users with a certain permission to bypass the limit
  10. Whitelist and blacklist - Allow or disallow players from using a voucher if they have a certain permission, are located in a certain world or inside a certain WorldGuard region
  11. Bulk open - Open multiple vouchers at once by sneaking
  12. Messages - Send a private message when the user receive or use a voucher, it can be a normal chat message, an action bar or even a title
  13. Heads - Ability to use custom heads in the confirmation GUI or even as voucher, can choose from using player names, HeadDatabase IDs or texture values
  14. Items protection - Stop players from placing the vouchers (if the item is a block) or from using them to craft items (can be enabled or disabled from config)
  15. MiniMessage - All strings (messages, item name / lore) are formatted using MiniMessage, meaning that messages can have click events, hover, hex & gradients (1.14.4+) (legacy format is not supported)
  16. Updater - In version 2.0.0 a lot of things got changed, but don't worry, using Comet you can update your files with just a few clicks




The wiki of ArcaneVouchers can be found @

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