This pack adds a wide variety of custom textured armors.

The pack currently has 10 different armor sets and 10 armor cores.

It includes an Oraxen and Itemsadder configuration.

It doesn't include any tool or weapon.



The configs have been tested on 1.19+ and 1.20+ Paper servers.

If you do not want to use Oraxen or Itemsadder, you can still use the textures.

Every armor has been made with the default Minecraft texture sizes.


Installation Guide

Both configurations for Itemsadder and Oraxen have their own namespaces.

If you are using Oraxen, drag and drop the file and folder inside Oraxen/items/ and Oraxen/pack/assets/.

If you are using Itemsadder, drag and drop the folder inside ItemsAdder/contents/.

You might need to compress the folders, in order to drag them.

Run the applicable plugin command to reload everything.