Pack of prefixes for your server. If you want something different on your server, bet on custom ranks, making chat more colorful and fun!

Get the pack of 16 Ranks and 14 Icons from storyteller's tavern to give your server a new look. You can choose which one you want.


The package includes:

1. 16 custom ranks and 14 symbols

2. 1 configuration file for ItemsAdder




ItemsAdder (Not included in the package)



Soft Dependencies:


Permission plugin of your choice (PEXLuckPerms and etc)




In-game examples images:


using TAB-NEZNAMY plugin with LP








We offer support in English, Spanish and Portuguese for buyers.


Easy installation: The installation process is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal effort or complications:


1. ItemsAdder:


Extract the contents of the .zip file into the Plugins/ItemsAdder folder.


Start your server. Type "iazip" in the console.


In-game, type "/iatexture" and wait for the loading process.


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