Auctioneer is a plugin that creates an interactive auction event at certain configured times, selling a random amount of items that participants can then have bid wars over. Perfect plugin for SkyBlock & Survival!

How it works:
The auction will automatically start at times specified in the config.yml file or it can be forced to start with "/auctioneer admin start". Players can then join using "/auctioneer join" or by clicking the NPC.

Participants of the auction then may have bid wars over each of the items being sold at the auction. To place a bid, all you simply have to do is say 'bid' in chat when a new offer has been made or if you are using the menu bidding system, players just simply click the amount they would like to bid. For each bid placed, a new offer will be displayed in the chat and can be changed in the config.yml file. The last participant to place a bid will be deemed the winner and receive their reward.

The bidding menu is fully customizable in the config.yml and that includes the shape of the bid slots.

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Auctioneer has the ability to hook into both Citizens and HolographicDisplays. If you have citizens enabled, an NPC will spawn at every auction which players can right-click to join the auction and if you have HolographicDisplays enabled, editable holograms for each auction state will be displayed above the item being sold. You can configure the NPC's name and skin and also change everything displayed on the holograms in the config.yml file.

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Auction items can be added using the "/auctioneer admin edit". Once you create an item, you will be able to change the item stack, add commands to the item, change whether the item stack should be given to the bid winner and change the items base cost. Items can also be modified/deleted after they have been saved.

If a player has won a bid, their item will be available to them after the auction is over by clicking it in the reward menu that pops up. The reward menu can also be opened at any time by doing "/auctioneer rewards".

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/auctioneer join - Join the current active auction
/auctioneer rewards - View/claim your auction rewards
/auctioneer admin start - Start the auction early
/auctioneer admin edit - Edit/add items sold at the auction
/auctioneer admin reload - Reload the config
/auctioneer admin end - Closes the auction early
/auctioneer admin forceStart - Forces the auction to start without having to wait for participants to join
/auctioneer admin setDisplayLocation - Set where the auctioned items should be displayed
/auctioneer admin setPlayerTeleportLocation - Set where the participants should be teleported to when joining the auction
/auctioneer admin setNPCSpawnLocation - Set where the NPC should initially spawn
/auctioneer admin setNPCTeleportLocation - Set where the NPC should teleport to once the auction starts
/auctioneer admin removeArmorStands - Remove any armor stands that you are standing on. Used in case of any buggy armor stands.

(these can be changed in config.yml)
/auctioneer admin - auctioneer.command.admin
/auctioneer - auctioneer.command.auctioneer

Requires PlaceholderAPI to be installed on your server.

%Auctioneer_next_auction% - View the time before the next automatic auction starts
%Auctioneer_bid_item% - View the item currently being sold
%Auctioneer_starting_bid% - View the starting price of the item currently being sold
%Auctioneer_highest_bid% - View the highest bid placed on the item currently being sold
%Auctioneer_highest_bidder% - View the highest bidder for the item currently being sold
%Auctioneer_bid_end% - View how many seconds are remaining on the current item being sold

This plugin requires an economy plugin to work. If you want to use holograms and NPC's, please make sure that you have both Citizens and HolographicDisplays or CMI installed on your server.

Disco Ball:

Firework Animation:



Hook into this plugin and listen for certain Auction Events!
  API Guide
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