Avampost is a plugin that allows you to add a zone to your Minecraft server where players must defeat five mobs (one boss and four minions). With the easy-to-use ConfigGUI, you can easily create and edit these Avamposts.


Feature list:

  • Easy-to-use ConfigGUI for creating and editing Avamposts.
  • Avampost file with explanations for editing an Avampost.
  • Players can conquer the Avamposts you create and receive rewards.
  • You can set a cooldown period after an Avampost has been conquered.
  • Customizable messages.yml file.
  • Hex color support for all elements.
  • If you want any additional features for this plugin, request them on Discord!
  • File checker allows you to see possible configuration errors or missing items on each reload.
  • In the messages.yml file, if a string is missing, it will be auto-generated without needing to remove, restart the server, or modify the file.
  • Permission requirements to enter in avampost region

Upcoming features under development:

  1. Dynamic mob system allows for an unlimited number of monsters to be created compared to the current limit of 5
  2. Cooldown per outpost - each outpost can have a different cooldown.
  3. Requirements to receive rewards.
  4. Requirements to participate in an outpost.

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