This plugin will allow you to issue a bank cheque from your economy balance.  By default, a bank cheque is issued in the form of a Minecraft paper.  The check will have its monetary value and issuer's name on it.

Whoever holds this check can redeem it by right-clicking it.

You can also use "beautify" option to specify the format using "k, M, B, T, Q, P,..." in case you need to support a large amount of $ amount (such as in an OP prison server).
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Command:  (alias: /bank, /cheque)
  • /bankcheque help : displays this help menu.
  • /banckcheque reload : reloads config file.
  • /cheque <amount> : issue a cheque with <amount> from your account
  • right-click a cheque : deposit the amount on the cheque into your account.
  • /cheque issue <player> <amount> [from:sender]: issue a cheque with <amount> to <player> (optional: from sender).
  • (to be released) /expbottle <amount> : withdraw the specified amount of EXP into an exp bottle.

  • bankcheque.withdraw : allows you to withdraw $ from your account to issue a check
  • bankcheque.deposit : allows you to cash the cheque (to be released....or withdraw exp into an exp bottle).
  • bankcheque.issue : allows you to use issue command.
  • bankcheque.issue.other : allows you to use issue command to withdraw the fund from other (including CONSOLE/System).

Just put BankCheque.jar file in the plugins folder.

Vault plugin for economy support.

    msg: "=== &e[&aBankCheque Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
    msg: "&a/cheque help : displays this help menu."
    msg: "&a/cheque reload : reloads config file."
    permission: "bankcheque.reload"
    msg: "&a/cheque debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
    permission: "bankcheque.debug"
    msg: "&a/cheque <amount> : issue a cheque with <amount>."
    permission: "bankcheque.withdraw"
    msg: "&a/cheque issue <player> <amount> [from]: issue a cheque with <amount> to <player> (optional: from [from])."
    permission: "bankcheque.issue"
    msg: "&aright-click a cheque : deposit the amount on the cheque into your account."
    permission: "bankcheque.deposit"
    msg: "&a/expbottle <amount> : withdraw the specified amount of EXP into an exp bottle."
    permission: "bankcheque.deposit"

  ErrorMsg : "&c[BankCheque] Some error occured."
  ChequeCreated: "&7A Bank cheque for &b$%dollar% &7has been issued"
  ChequeDepositted: "&a+ $%dollar%"
  InsufficientFunds: "&cInsufficient funds available."
  InvalidNumber: "&cInvalid nummber"
  NoPermission: "You do not have a permission to do this."
  InvalidCheque: "This bankcheque is invalid! and it has been removed."
  LessThanMin: "The amount you specified is less than the minimum allowed amount of $%dollar%"
  NoSlot: "There is no slot to hold a bankcheque."
  MoreThanMax: "The amount you specified is more than the maximum allowed amount of $%dollar%"
  NoSuchPlayer: "&c[BankCheque] No such player &e%player%"

# if you have another plugin which might be processing the listed event type
# before this plugin (that might cause this plugin not to work), then
# you can set this option to lower priority such as HIGH, NORMAL, LOW, LOWEST.
# The default is HIGHEST
# adjust these event priority if those event processes from this plugin
# interfere with other plugins' event processes.
  PlayerInteractEvent: "NORMAL"

# an option to add enchantment glow to the issued cheque
UseGlow: true

# Bankcheque
  Material: PAPER
  Name: "&bBank Cheque"
  - "&7$%dollars%"    # make sure the money amount is in the 1st line!
  - "&7Issued by %player%"
  - "&7Click to Deposit"

MinimumWithdraw: 10
MaximumWithdraw: 5000000000000000
UseBeautify: true
MaxCharLength: 4
# the folloiwngs are units of order.
  - k
  - M
  - B
  - T
  - Q
  - P
  - E
  - Z