BarkAddon is a simple plugin that add more common sense when stripping logs


Before when you stripp a log then you get only a stripped log and the bark just disappear, but you can change it now with BarkAddon!

Now you will get fancy bark of tree that you stripped, it's good as starting fuel just when you start the adventure on your world or when you will need fuel as fast as possible to cook something. Also you can use it as an ingredient to custom crafting recipes.




Plugin needs Oraxen or ItemsAdder to work.

Plugin came with friendly easy setup, it will do most things for you!

Plugin contain config of items for oraxen/itemsadder and marvelous textures of bark for each type of wood in minecraft 1.19



Default config.yml

#If plugin should extract item config and textures or not. (Useful if you want to copy config and textures in to your own directory)
extract_resources: true

#How many barks will drop from each log after stripping
bark_count: 1

#Option to on/off barks from nether woods
nether_type: true