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This minigame is a very fun game mode that brings 'Battle Royale' into Minecraft! Customize your loadout, pick your kits, then parachute out of a plane with your teammates right into action! Navigate the map to find loot, supply drops, and shopping stations in order to prepare yourself for all the upcoming battles! Shoot down all enemy players using guns and explosives, revive teammates, get killstreaks, ride vehicles, survive the closing border, rank up and unlock different achievements!

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Please be patient with early versions of the plugin as they may contain bugs or have missing features!

Read the information section before installing the plugin.

Before you get into the features and get all excited, please also read the following.

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- Multi-arena! You can make many arenas
- Bungee-Mode Support! The plugin can be installed along other plugins like in your factions server and what not but it can also take over the server and force players to join the lobby! Or even a specific arena and once the arena finishes the server restarts
- Free setup available! Install the plugin within 5 minutes and start playing with 100 players in no time!
- 2 Gamemodes! Normal battle royale and plunder mode!
- Kits for normal battle royale.
- Loadouts for plunder mode. players can build their own loadout's with different armor, weapons, secondary weapons, and items!
- Winning celebrations!
- Plane as a battle bus! Players will drop from a built-in plane model
- Death chests! Players that die will have their loot stored in a chest instead of creating a mess.
- Maps! Generate maps for any size of arenas and display borders, safe zones, supply drops, extraction zones, and any custom location of your choice!
- Realistic items! Using invisible armor stands to display 3d models of items with names above them.
- Carepackages!
- Supply drops!
- Refillable armor system just like in warzone.
- Player downing and reviving system!
- Guns support from QualityArmory & CrackShot
- Vehicles support from QualityArmoryVehicles2
- Corpses support from CorpseReborn
- ItemEdit support
- Special Abilities! from AbilitiesAddon by Wazup92
- Shopping stations! Players can spend in-game cash collected from killing/supply drops to purchase useful items!
- Extraction zones for plunder mode!
- Mystery box!
- Custom recipes! You can make your own recipes that players can craft, such as ammo or weapons.
- Killstreaks! You can run your own commands on players once they reach a certain killstreak
- Bounties! you can set bounties on players.
- Vote for Health, Time, and Scenarios!
- Scenarios! You can add more flavor to matches by introducing new rules such as randomized crafting recipes. Currently, only 1 scenario is built in.
- Parties! All done through a GUI, You can create a party and invite players
- Achievements! customize the achievement's requirements and awards, and view the achievements in a cool scrollable GUI
- Leaderboards! Create signs that will display top players for many different stats, and you also can display their skull above these signs or create Holographic Leaderboards!
- Ranks! players earn exp and rank up until they reach the maximum rank which is configurable, you can also run your own commands when a player reaches a certain rank

- Highly customizable scoreboards!
- Spectator mode!
- MySQL Support and Local Files Support
- Supports UUID and Normal Usernames
- Built-in coins system, but it can also use vault economy

- Titles and Action Bar support!
- Autojoin feature that will put the players in the best available arena
- Join signs, Auto join signs, Leave signs, Leaderboard signs!
- Built-in world manager, you can create, delete, import, backup, restore, tp, set spawn, list, worlds.
- You can customize most of the plugin messages, inventory names, signs format, arena states, items, titles, chat prefixes!
- Broadcaster system that announces certain messages every x seconds
- PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support!
- Holograms support! you can make holographic stats and a holographic leaderboard through HolographicDisplays
- Clickable chat messages! like Play again message that players can click to directly join and play another match
- Fireworks ending, with an option to give winners a map and also to display your custom images on that map
- Shrinking world border!


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No gameplay video yet!

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Click the spoiler below to see all the images

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The plugin is highly customizable but not fully! There are some things that are hard-coded like sounds and SOME texts! Below you will find a list of all files generated by the plugin! Using this you will be able to see EXACTLY what you can change and what you cannot!

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  Free Setup

  Setup Text


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If you purchase the plugin and install it on your server then please send me your server IP so that it will be featured here!

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Use code "Wazup92" for 50% Off!

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This plugin works from 1.8 and upwards!

The plugin can work perfectly fine on its own, but using some external plugins is highly recommended! You should have them installed before installing BattleRoyaleX for best results!
- Using QualityArmory for example allows the plugin to utilize guns which is a primary aspect of battle royale in general.
- Using QualityArmoryVehicles2 allows players to ride vehicles inside the map to access points faster and add more elements to the game!

The plane model used is provided by @pollitoyeye from his plugin Vehicles

Using MySQL is highly recommended as it increases the performance and protects you from some issues

If you want any holographic feature, you will need to install HolographicDisplays! If you want to use the Holographic Stats feature, you will need to install ProtocolLib as well otherwise the stats holograms will collide.

TitleManager is required to display action bar on versions lower than 1.10

There are some extra permissions!
battleroyalex.admin to create signs
battleroyalex.admin to break signs
battleroyalex.admin to view update notifications
battleroyalex.unblockcmds to be able to use commands while in game

If vault is enabled in the config, Leaderboards will not show 'Coins' as the player vault money, it will still display the player coins

Ask about any concerns in the discussion area before purchasing.

Before posting a negative review, please ask for help!

What is normal mode and what is plunder mode?

Known issues:
- The plane model sometimes does not initialize correctly in some arenas, and so the plane may look broken sometimes.
- In 1.16, there is a glitch that happens when a player shift-clicks out of a parachute chicken, and therefore, in that version, the parachuting system does not use an invisible chicken to create a smooth parachute, but instead the player will look floating / walking on air.

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There are several ways to get support! Please use any of the following[img] tag

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By purchasing this plugin you to the following!
- You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any way!
- Refunds are not allowed under any circumstance!
- Source code costs additional money!
- I'm not obligated to do updates within a specific time period! You purchase the plugin as-is.

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