3.5.13 Oct 25, 2021
Fixed Hex not working on 1.17
Fixed error on startup with 1.17.1 not being detected

3.5.12 Oct 21, 2021
  1. Improved performance with MySQL database on server load (could sometimes freeze for few seconds)

3.5.11 Oct 18, 2021
  1. Fixed NPE with Purpur when server disables due to incompatibility issue with purpur

3.5.10 Oct 16, 2021
Changed how off-hand is handled with block-break quest

3.41 Jul 4, 2021
Updated MoneyHunters' quests to latest plugin's version

3.40 Jul 2, 2021
Added hex support for 1.16+ servers
Added McMMO mcmmo_gain_exp quest
Added McMMO mcmmo_level_up_skill quest

3.39 Jun 23, 2021
Updated PlotSquared Quests to support PlotSquared 5.0+
Changed events priority MONITOR to HIGH to prevent conflicts
Fixed minor error on server stop

3.37 Jun 17, 2021
More plugins support for quests will be coming soon, along with new features., once I'm finished with exams (soon).
Fixed further issues with Mysql and Spigot forks

3.22 Apr 25, 2021
Reworked enchant, enchant-anvil and enchant-all quests to activate when required progress is set to 1
Updated some settings.yml documentation

3.21.2 Apr 18, 2021
Fixed error in console if user used in placeholders was offline

3.14 Mar 17, 2021
Added customModelData support https://battlepass.advancedplugins.net/useful/custom-model-data
Renamed hikariCp path from default due to clashes with other plugins
Resolved error with reload command if Daily quests were disabled

3.13 Mar 10, 2021
This project has been taken over by me, GC. You will see some changes in update styles, but mostly everything will stay the same. We also added requests / issues in the github repo, where you can now report all issues and request features / hooks into other plugins: https://github.com/GC-spigot/battle-pass/issues
Wiki has been moved to https://battlepass.advancedplugins.net

- The item is now available in the `enchant-anvil` quest type.

- Cleaned up some code and improved error messages for invalid quests.
- Debug logs now show much more information including sub variables, progress, etc..
- We've drastically changed the quest progression API and as a result, expect to see memory usage from the debug logger reduce again.

- Fixed chestshop quests not initialising because the version checking system was broken
- Fixed errors when a sub variable was a number
- Fixed an issue with sub variables being cast when they were a number, e.g `level: 4`, causing an error.
- Require previous week would still allow you to complete quests in week 2.
- Using a flint and steel counts as a block place :slight_smile:
- `/bpa new season` sub fixed so no longer sets users to tier 0.
- Fixed some display bugs in the quest overview GUI with `require-previous-completion` and `lock-previous-weeks`
- Fixed internal currency not saving and the give currency command being bugged.
- Fixed the root not being parsed when using the more complex format (for sub root support).
- Fixed the enchant quest spitting out `minecraft` as the enchant name on 1.12+.

API Changes: https://prnt.sc/10hue5i

3.12 Mar 9, 2021