Dependencies: PlaceholderAPI

Introducing AnotherLevelBattlePass: A groundbreaking in-game GUI Editor that empowers you to craft and manage multiple BattlePasses seamlessly. With just a single click, you can effortlessly switch between active BattlePasses. Whether you're designing a BattlePass with a handful of levels or an extensive ladder, our intuitive rewards interface adapts instantly, ensuring a smooth and engaging player experience.

Differences between the premium version and the free version:

  1. Battlepass Limit: The free version only allows you to create one battlepass, while the premium version allows you to create unlimited battlepass.
  2. Reward Limit: The free version only allows you to create 10 free and premium reward, while the premium version allows you to create unlimited rewards.
  3. Support: With the premium version, you receive support for plugin configuration on Discord. This means you can get assistance and guidance in setting up the plugin effectively.
  4. Early Access: By purchasing the premium version, you are granted the Buyer role, which gives you exclusive access to early versions of the plugin. This allows you to try out new features and updates before they are available to others.

Features list:

  1. Hex Colors: Hex color support via the Kyori Minimessage adventurer library.
  2. IN-GAME EDITOR: Easily usable with the IN-GAME GUI EDITOR allowing for hassle-free setup.
  3. EASY File editor: Simple to adjust using file management..
  4. Database: Supports EXTERNAL database connections.and comes with internal database support through H2database.
  5. Fully customizable messaging: 100% customizable message system.
  6. Server compatibility: Compatible with both Paper and Spigot platforms.
  7. Versatile BattlePass Creation: Design multiple battle passes and choose the active one with a single click!
  8. PlaceholderAPI support: We've integrated support with the Placeholder API. Now, simply inputting %albattlepass_level% and %albattlepass_exp% will provide you with the player's experience and level, respectively.
  9. Default-Battlepass: allows you to modify the default values whenever a new battlepass is created in the config.yml.
  10. CustomModelData Support

Upcoming feature list:

  1. File Integrity Monitor: A 'File checker' that will scan the various battle pass files and flag inconsistencies.
  2. File Recovery Tool: The 'Regen file' feature will allow for the regeneration of specific file portions if they go missing.
  3. Date Management System: A new dating system for battle passes ensuring validity from a specified start date to an end date.
  4. Experience Curve Control: The 'Exptable' system lets you define the experience curve required for players to level up.
  5. Customizable Sound Events: An events-based sound system that's fully adjustable to your preferences.
  6. Event-driven Titles and Subtitles: System for introducing titles and subtitles based on in-game events.
  7. User Feedback Implementation: I'll also be attentive to your feature requests, incorporating relevant suggestions into the plugin.