Introducing AnotherLevelBattlePass: A groundbreaking in-game GUI Editor that empowers you to craft and manage multiple BattlePasses seamlessly. With just a single click, you can effortlessly switch between active BattlePasses. Whether you're designing a BattlePass with a handful of levels or an extensive ladder, our intuitive rewards interface adapts instantly, ensuring a smooth and engaging player experience.
Features list:
  1. Hex Colors: Hex color support via the Kyori Minimessage adventurer library.
  2. IN-GAME EDITOR: Easily usable with the IN-GAME GUI EDITOR allowing for hassle-free setup.
  3. EASY File editor: Simple to adjust using file management..
  4. Database: Supports EXTERNAL database connections.and comes with internal database support through H2database.
  5. Fully customizable messaging: 100% customizable message system.
  6. Server compatibility: Compatible with both Paper and Spigot platforms.
  7. Versatile BattlePass Creation: Design multiple battle passes and choose the active one with a single click!
  8. PlaceholderAPI support: We've integrated support with the Placeholder API. Now, simply inputting %albattlepass_level% and %albattlepass_exp% will provide you with the player's experience and level, respectively.
  9. Default-Battlepass: allows you to modify the default values whenever a new battlepass is created in the config.yml.
Upcoming feature list:
  1. File Integrity Monitor: A 'File checker' that will scan the various battle pass files and flag inconsistencies.
  2. File Recovery Tool: The 'Regen file' feature will allow for the regeneration of specific file portions if they go missing.
  3. Date Management System: A new dating system for battle passes ensuring validity from a specified start date to an end date.
  4. Experience Curve Control: The 'Exptable' system lets you define the experience curve required for players to level up.
  5. Customizable Sound Events: An events-based sound system that's fully adjustable to your preferences.
  6. Event-driven Titles and Subtitles: System for introducing titles and subtitles based on in-game events.
  7. User Feedback Implementation: I'll also be attentive to your feature requests, incorporating relevant suggestions into the plugin.