🏠 BedHome Plugin - Simplify Teleportation, Enhance Gameplay

Welcome to the world of BedHome, the ultimate solution for home systems on your Minecraft server! Get ready to experience seamless travel combined with balanced gameplay mechanics. With BedHome, teleportation becomes a strategic choice, adding depth and excitement to your gameplay.

🔥 Features

🌍 Effortless Travel, Challenging Gameplay Say goodbye to tedious journeys across the world! BedHome lets players teleport with ease while introducing a new layer of challenge. Teleportation requires a right-click and shift on a bed, making it more deliberate and engaging.

🛏️ Bed-Centric Home Placement: Set your home by associating it with a bed or Respawn Anchor. The destruction of the designated bed or anchor prevents teleportation, encouraging strategic gameplay and teamwork as players safeguard their vital teleportation points.

⚓ Respawn Anchor Support
In addition to beds, you can now use Respawn Anchors as home points. Set them up in the Nether for an extra layer of convenience.

🔒 Secure Teleportation
Our new teleportation system ensures that players won't end up stuck in walls during teleportation. Safety first!

🛠️ Configurable Options From settings to GUI preferences and player messages, every aspect of BedHome is customizable through the config.yml file. Tailor the plugin to your server's needs effortlessly.

💼 Extensive Permissions System Unlock the true potential of your premium ranks with our comprehensive permission system. Grant privileges such as bedhome.slots.<amount> for maximum home limits, bedhome.home for remote access, and more!

⚙️ Remote Access for Premium Ranked Players Premium Ranked players get the perk of remote home management. A simple "/home" command gives them quick access to their homes, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable experience.

🌈 MiniMessage Support Express yourself with colorful text using the power of MiniMessage formatting. Create gradients, rainbows, and captivating text that adds style to your server's communication.

💰 Economy Integration: Choose from three unique economy systems: Item-based economy, Vault integration, or PlayerPoints currency. Define prices for additional home slots, opening new avenues for players to earn and spend in-game currency.

🏠 Multi-Home Option Players can have multiple homes based on their preferences. The number of homes they can set is determined by both their preferences and your server's configuration.

💾 Data Storage Flexibility Choose your preferred data storage method with support for both SQLite and MySQL. Tailor your setup to your server's needs for optimal performance.

🎉 New Features from the Latest Update

📜 Complex Messages

Customize in-game messages like never before! Use tags to transform simple chat messages into action bars, titles, play sounds, and more. Enhance player communication and interaction with this versatile feature.

🔄 Data Migration
Easily transfer data between different database systems, including MySQL and SQLite. Seamlessly manage your data for optimal performance and convenience.

🔗Links and Support

📚 Documentation: Explore detailed usage instructions and configurations in our GitBook.

🔗 Community and Support: Join our dedicated Discord server for discussions, troubleshooting, and updates. Connect with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts and get help whenever you need it.

📹 Watch BedHome in Action: Check out our plugin showcase video to witness the incredible features and benefits of BedHome firsthand.

💡 Unleash Creativity with BedHome

Elevate your server experience with BedHome, a plugin designed to revolutionize home systems. Whether you want to balance gameplay, enhance teleportation mechanics, or empower premium players, BedHome has you covered. Join our growing community, explore the endless possibilities, and take your server to new heights.

📣 Credits and Requirements

BedHome has minimal requirements for smooth performance. To enjoy the essential features, all you need is Paper or Spigot in version 1.20.X. However, if you want to unlock more functionalities:

  1. For Vault economy integration, you'll need a compatible economy plugin like EssentialsX
  2. To utilize PlayerPoints as your in-game currency, ensure you have PlayerPoints installed.
  3. If you wish to use placeholders for customization, make sure you have PlaceholderAPI at your disposal.

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