Bedwars Lite is a version of a setup that is small and compact, but advanced and optimized. Made with Bedwars (Clashwars), developed by Fr33styler, a more optimized Bedwars Plugin than the other ones that are available on the market.

2b55.png What is Bedwars? 2b55.png
Bedwars is a popular Minecraft minigame that involves teams of players working together to protect their beds while attempting to destroy the beds of their opponents. Each player starts with a bed and a limited amount of resources, and must gather more resources by staying in generators from player's base or that are available on the map or looting chests from other fallen teams. Players can use their resources to purchase weapons, armor, and other items to help them in battle. The objective of the game is to be the last team with a bed still intact, while eliminating all other teams.​

231b.pngCustom Menus ❙ To allow you a better interaction all the menus that are in the server.
231b.pngCustom NPCs ❙ To allow you a better interaction with the game options and menus.
231b.png Custom Join Items ❙ By joining you will get a variety of items with options to use.
231b.pngBetter Arena Selector ❙ Arena Selector made externally, using the Placeholders provided by the Plugin Developer thru his Bedwars Plugin. (it can display if an arena is available, ongoing or reseting via colors in the menu and stained clay.)
231b.png Leaderboards ❙ Multiple leaderboards for all the stats that are available on the server (Can be accessed via Paper in Inventory or displayed in a hologram behind NPCs).
231b.png Motds & Icon ❙ Customized Motds and icon.
231b.png Friendly System ❙ It is much easier to configure and manage.
231b.png Player Statistics ❙ Each player will be able to see his progress and statistics of the games he has played.
231b.png TNT Jump ❙ You can use the TNT to jump.
231b.png Team Upgrades ❙ Teams will be able to select upgrades.
231b.png Party System ❙ Be able to invite other friends in a party and play together.
231b.png Team Selector ❙ Be able to change teams before a match starts.
231b.png Modes Available ❙ Available Modes (Solo, Duo, Trios, Quads).

And many other features will be added...

Video of the Setup

Server is Plug & Play (there you have all the files you need, besides the plugin for Bedwars and Citizens).
You only need 2 plugins that are required to have.

For support, please contact me via Discord: skrpt_#0012