• Practice Modes:
          • Bridging
          • MLG
          • Fireball/TNT Jumping
  • Per-player language:
          • Standalone
          • Integration with BedWars1058 (at least 22.01)
  • Fully customisable:
          • GUIs
          • Messages
          • Custom arenas
          • Custom items
  • Statistics for Bridging Mode
  • Database:
          • MySQL: Store informations across multiple practice servers
          • FlatFile: Store informations locally
  • Cooldown upon switching practice modes
  • Placeholders
  • Languages:
          • English
          • Romanian
  • Lobby functions:
          • Teleport upon joining
          • Toggle join or quit messages
          • Allow damage from players and mobs
          • Lobby block break protection
  • Scoreboard for each practice mode
  • Developer API
          • Documentation


  In-Game Screenshots


  • /bwp (opens the Mode Selector GUI)
    quit (Quits the current practice arena)
  • /bwpa (admin command)
          • setLobby (sets practice lobby)
          • schem (create practice schematics)
                  • create (teleports to the schematic creator world)
                  • list (list with required practice schematics)
                  • load <name> (load a practice schematic from the plugin)
                  • pos <1, 2, wand> (select the containing blocks of a practice schematic)
                  • save <name> (save practice schematic)
                  • leave (leave the schematic creator world)
          • setup
                  • list (list with required practice configurations)
                  • set <name> (load the schematic and teleport to schematic's spawn)
                  • pos <1, 2, wand> (select the containing blocks that should mark the finished state)
                  • save (unloads the schematic and save the practice configuration)
                  • quit (leave the practice setup)
          • build (Allow building in lobby, for the executor)
  • /bwplang (change displayed language)


  • bedwarspractice.admin (access to /bwpa - admin command)
          • bwpractice.admin
          • bedwarspractice.*
          • bwpractice.*


  Setup tutorial
  Video Tutorial


  • Official BedWars Practice servers
  • Community BedWars Practice servers (Submt your server today!)
                  • Coming soon!


  1. No chargebacks (The plugin can be tested on the listed servers above)
  2. No redistribution (You're not allowed to reverse engineer or share the plugin)
  3. One purchase is available for one network
  4. Unlimited support (Buyers will receive unlimited support from the author. Spoken languages are English and Romanian)