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KroneCrafter07 May 21, 2022
I think this is a really cool plugin but i think it's too expensive, if it was less expensive i would definatelly get it :D
dyslmj Jul 26, 2022 • edited Jul 26, 2022
中国人不要买这个插件,买了也没法用,这作者纯纯圈钱,你下载插件下来 用一会连不上服务器 log会爆满,然后莫名其妙会说你泄露插件,就因为你下载了破解版插件,为什么下载 因为这个服务器连不上,结果你就只下载了,你没用,但他一定说你用了,他就是神,他说的算,我就被坑了,别买了,给作者圈钱,不如吃顿好的
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