1.2.1 Jan 23, 2024
Version 1.2.1
  • Fix the issue where the setIslandTopper command doesn't work on BedWars2023 (#118).

1.2.0 Jan 22, 2024
Version 1.2.0
  • Fix the shopkeeper hologram issue where players observe shopkeepers in the incorrect language (#48).
  • Fix the snow block break effect conflict on 1_8_R3 (#83).
  • Fix the issue where cosmetic search title doesn't change when changing from lang config (#85).
  • Fix the issue where the projectile trails leftovers aren't cleared (#86).
  • Add the feature to hide item attributes from certain items in the menus (#88).
  • Add the feature to show skin layers for shopkeeper skins (#89).
  • Add the feature to be able to destroy the arena map for dragon and wither rider victory dances (#91).
  • Fix the issue where the Snowplosion effect was leaving the snow on incomplete blocks and causing players to not be able to move (#95).
  • Fix the database issue where a selected cosmetic randomly become none (#96).
  • Add the feature to make the mob shopkeeper NPCs silent (#99).
  • Fix the issue where sprays were getting triggered by explosives (#101).
  • Fix the NPE issue on game end for BedWars2023 (#102).
  • Fix the issue where category placeholder doesn't show up with the player's language in the cosmetic search menu (#104).
  • Add the give sub-command that lets give players cosmetics without requiring to have corresponding permission for that cosmetic (#108).
  • Add new kill message placeholders for better experience (#109).
  • Fix the issue where the toy stick victory dance stick was staying in the inventory in the next game (#110).
  • Add support for BedWars2023 and BedWarsProxy2023 plugins (#111).
  • Fix the issue where enchanted items were not appearing enchanted (#112).
  • Add support for Spigot 1.20.4 version (#113).
  • Fix the database issue where the DBMS wasn't detected correctly from BedWars2023 (#115).

1.1.3 Jan 13, 2024
Version 1.1.3
  • Changed the name of the project folder from 'club' to 'am'.

1.1.2 Mar 24, 2023
Version 1.1.2 Hotfix
  • Fix icon material conflict for some cosmetics (#77).
  • Add a placeholder for the category display name (#42).
  • Fix the issue where the player is disconnected when using the search sign menu on 1.12.2 (#79).
  • Fix conflict with Parties by AlessioDP where players are marked as offline (#63).
  • Add a feature to make Shopkeeper Skin and Island Topper categories load for selecting and buying (#78).
  • Fix the issue where default cosmetics occur error in the search menu (#80).
  • Fix the issue where the wrong entity type was set for shopkeeper skin Snowman (#82).
  • Add a feature to enable/disable the spray hologram and adjust the expiry time (#81).

1.1.1 Mar 18, 2023
Version 1.1.1
  • Fix the issue where the island toppers are facing incorrect directions (#76).
  • Add 1.19.4 support.

1.1.0 Feb 14, 2023
Version 1.1.0
  • Fix Shopkeeper NPC spawning issue (#74).
  • Add the Island Topper category with its 127 toppers (NEW).
  • Add a cosmetics search feature to easily search a cosmetic.
  • Add 1.19.3 versions support.

1.0.4 Jan 12, 2023
Version 1.0.4
  • Fix the issue where Spray not loading on the cold start.

1.0.3 Jan 7, 2023
Version 1.0.3
  • Fix the issue where Projectile Trails work in all worlds but not in-game (#46).
  • Add option to use Sprays with left-clicking (#26).
  • Add permission discount feature (#30).
  • Add an option to translate category names as well (#42).
  • Add a new command option to the category menu to close the menu (#44).
  • Add an option to configure the Toy Stick Victory Dance knockback (#47).
  • Fix the issue where spray sound can be heard from too far (#56).
  • Add tab complete to all commands (#57).
  • Fix the issue where it gives an error instead of set command usage (#59).
  • Fix the issue where page 3 of the spray menu has an empty page (#60).
  • Fix the issue where player data doesn't being loaded at the time (#62).
  • Fix the issue where Hatching Eggs' final kill effect throws eggs that are pickable by a player (#64).
  • Add unlock permissions feature where cosmetics could be purchasable after only having the specific permission, for more read here (#66).
  • Fix the issue with victory dances Anvil Rain and Cold Snap not working properly (#68).
  • Fix the issue with final kill effect Cow Rocket spamming errors in console issue (#69).
  • Fix the issue with bed destroy Lady Bug and Thief not killing entities afterward (#71).
  • Fix sprays misordering issue where sprays were not being displayed as selected (#72).

1.0.2 Hotfix Aug 16, 2022
Version 1.0.2 Hotfix
  • Fix the incompatibility with Polymart.

1.0.2 Aug 11, 2022
Version 1.0.2 Minor
  • Plugin loading performance improvements.
  • Fix issue when an error being logged when players respawn (#45).
  • Add support for 1.19 (1_19_R1)

1.0.1 Jun 15, 2022
Version 1.0.1 Hotfix Major Update
  • Add a possibility to fill empty slots with your desired item for all menus (#1).
  • Add a possibility to disable or enable a category (#2).
  • Add a possibility to change cosmetics by obtaining methods like permission and coins read more about this feature here (#3).
  • Add a command to reset the player's cosmetics to defaults (#7).
  • Implemented separated category configuration files for more read here (#12).
  • Add a possibility to run /cosmetics set command from console (#28).
  • Implemented new standalone feature, now you can enable this plugin without BedWars1058 and BedWarsProxy, read more about this feature here (#33).
  • Fix the issue where an issue occurs on startup in Java 11 or higher (#4).
  • Fix the issue where "/cosmetics menu" command occurs an error (#5).
  • Fix the issue where selected cosmetic in lobby wasn't in sync with arena servers in BUNGEE mode (#6).
  • Fix the issue where Anvil Rain and Raining Pigs victory dances causing a huge lag (#9).
  • Fix the issue where Cold Snap victory dance causing TPS drop (#10).
  • Fix the issue where some sounds were occurring issues (#13).
  • Fix the issue where Glyphs don't work and spams errors in console (#15).
  • Fix the issue where players are able to put water bucket in protected areas (#23).
  • Fix the issue where none Spray inserting your hand item on the item frame (#27).
  • Fix the issue where spectators are able to use Sprays (#29).
  • Fix the SNOWBALL material issue on newer versions (#32).
  • Fix the issue where shopkeers are looking at spectators (#34).
  • Fix the issue where projectile trails were working on other worlds like lobby (#35).

1.0.0 Apr 20, 2022
Version 1.0.0

Initial Release