With the BetterFarming plugin for Minecraft your players can create automated farms. With them the farm will auto plant, grow and harvest your crops! You can also create additional tree farms, which will grow, harvest your trees and even reduce the server load by reducing the amount of manual tree farms. BetterFarming's tree farms are completely asynchronous. If you somehow don't want to allow automatic tree farms, you can still disable them in the config. All of this is combined with a huge GUI menu. You can even trust players and assign roles to protect your farm! Of course, you can also create public farms.

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Features List:
  • Create unlimited Farms
    • Unlimited amount (configurable)
    • Unlimited size (configurable)
    • Unlimited growth speed (configurable)
    • Unlimited storage slots (configurable)
    • Supports all types of farm-able plants
    • Supports even melons and pumpkins
    • Farm storage is saved, even if you stop the server
  • Best performance you can get
    • This plugin makes live scans to optimise performance
    • Keeps database access as low as possible
    • No performance lasting database queries
    • Fast checks through key optimising
    • Data optimising
    • It's designed to use as less space as possible at your database server
    • Data saving is fully optimised
    • Fully asynchronous database access
  • Easy configuration, but still many options
    • Config with inbuild explanation
    • Configure Economy
      • Vault economy supported
      • Inbuild item economy
    • Configure full GUI
      • Edit EVERY item
      • Edit title
      • Edit lore
      • Edit material (item)
      • Edit EVERY title
    • Many options to customise your experience
      • Language fully configurable
      • Edit EVERY message your players will see
      • Send messages as a chat message and / or title and / or actionbar
  • GUI Interface
    • NO commands needed
    • Everything is availible in a nice GUI
    • Very easy to understand and use
    • Upgrade menu
      • Upgrade different types of abilities for your farm
      • Level system
      • Economy support
  • Storage menu
    • View and collect the items your farm has produced
    • Unlimited pages supported
    • Unlimited slots supported (via pages)
  • Item Transfer - Hoppers
    • Transfer items out of the storage into a hopper
    • Fully asynchronous item move
  • Members menu
    • View members
    • Trust players
    • Setup roles
    • Configure flags
  • Trust players to use your farm
    • Assign roles to players
    • Set role restrictions (For example allow them only to plant and not harvest)
  • Holograms
    • You can completely disable / configure this
    • Add some nice holograms to your farm
    • Requires HolographicDisplays
  • Multiple database Types
    • MySQL
    • SQLite (Requires nothing; Everyone can use it)
  • Steal Prevention
    • Players can't steal farm items from other players
  • Staff Bypass Permissions
    • Bypasses to edit other players farms or bypass protections
  • Supports Claim/Skyblock Plugins
    • All claim or skyblock plugins support that farms can not be placed in claimed areas where the player is not trusted. The listed plugins below just provide special features.
    • Special Features support (toggleable):
      • Allow players in areas where they're trusted to use all farms
      • Only allow farm creation in area
      • Currently supported:
        • Lands
        • SuperiorSkyblock2
        • BentoBox
  • Huge API with many possibilities
    • Customise your experience
    • See documentation on Github


Quick start:
  • Get the farm item via /Farm get or /Farm give
  • Place it on the ground
  • Left click will open the upgrade menu
  • Leftclick plus shift will delete the farm (Confirm GUI will open)

  • Java 8 or higher is required
  • About to post a review? If you have issues please do NOT post them as a review. If you have any sort of issues, questions or suggestions feel free to PM me. I will answer soon as possible. Also Discord is a very fast way to get in contact. Bugs are mostly fixed on the same day of report, so report before anything else.

Terms of Service:
  1. You will not share/resell this plugin. We will take legal actions against that.
  2. You will not decompile this plugin. We will take legal actions against that.
  3. You will not share the source of this plugin. We will take legal actions against that.
  4. Purchase is final. No refunds. We will take legal actions against that.
  5. If you share an copy of BetterFarming with someone, your licence may not work any longer and you won't be able to use BetterFarming properly. We can prove a violation of these rules.