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BetterEnd is a Spigot plugin that completely overhauls Minecraft's End dimension, adding new biomes, structures, and more! Think of it like 1.16, but for the End!

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BetterEnd adds 7 custom biomes to the End dimension! (2 extra with the purchase of Premium)


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Configuration options can be found in plugins/BetterEnd/config.yml
If you have any questions about configuration, check the Configuration section of the Wiki.
Still need help? join our Discord Server for support!
Most config options change world generation in some way, meaning that they should not be changed without resetting the End. (If you change them on a live world, expect chunk cliffs to appear)
  Boss Fights
To configure a Boss Fight for players to complete to get an Elytra, click here.

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Thanks to the following people for their help translating BetterEnd:

If you would like to translate BetterEnd, contact dfsek on the BetterEnd Discord server to receive instructions.
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If you like BetterEnd, please consider supporting its development on Patreon, or via a one-time payment on PayPal. Donating will give you benefits such as a Discord role and access to premium builds with additional features, but there will always be a free version.
Premium simply grants additional features, as a reward for supporting the plugin. The free version can be used, with no detriment to gameplay (no annoying messages, no time limits, etc.)
Purchasing premium is entirely optional.

If you don't want to donate, you can still support the plugin by leaving a review below!

Did our plugin not work the way you expected? Leave a bad review, that's what they're for. However, please don't make a bug report in reviews. Submit it to our Issue Tracker and we'll work to get it fixed!