4.1 Oct 5, 2020
Just an update

Update HSCore to 1.5
Fixed an enum error on 1.16.X servers

4.0 Aug 31, 2020
The fat update

Integrated HSCore
No more reflection on registering things
Merged Command Override
Merged Skull
Merged Note Block
Merged NBT Support
Merged Real Color
Added Potion Effect
Added Raw Material
Added a wiki tag for each addons on Addon Downloader
Update Notifier for addons
Removed ID-Material
Removed BetterMaterial
Removed the Converter
Removed addons from Spigot
Updated Dependencies
Added more Javadocs
Added examples
(Removed Herobrine)
Updated the wiki

3.4 Aug 14, 2020
A small update (again again again again again aga...)

Updated XSeries to fix an error with enchantments that prevents from opening the menu.

3.3 Aug 1, 2020
A small update

A lot of dependency updates
Updated XSeries (add missing materials)
Register permissions properly

3.2 Jun 29, 2020
1.16.X and Addon Downloader

Updated the XSeries dependency for 1.16.X support
Added in-game Addon Downloader
Updated the wiki

3.1 Jun 22, 2020
A lot

Changed the actions on /rlmenu and /rlplugin
Added view-requirement to Animated Icon
Added some options for the arguments in Args Menu
Now "forced update inventory" is now an option on config.yml
Variables will now be detected properly
Changed the messages of /bettergui
Some small improvements in the code and performance
Updated the wiki

3.0 May 26, 2020
Just another BIG update

A lot of changes in the code
Support offline players on variables
Support NUMBER KEY click type
Added Inverted Requirement
check-only-on-creation for Simple Icon
default-args for Args Menu
keep-current-index for List Icon
Updated the wiki

2.4 May 15, 2020
Changes and improvements

Changes: https://ci.codemc.io/view/Author/job/BetterGUI-MC/job/BetterGUI/me.HSGamer$BetterGUI/changes?from=290&to=297

an unexpected behavior in the code of Enchantment
The plugin now replaces only the first variable of the line instead of the whole similar variables
Simplify the method to fill the empty slots in Simple Menu

2.3 May 13, 2020