• Radius Mining - Mine blocks in a radius, to get through lots of area quickly
  • Custom Tools - Create custom tools in the config, with preset settings
  • Multiple Modes - Switch your pickaxe between both trench and tray modes to break different blocks
  • Customizable Messages - All messages and GUI lore can be customized through the included messages.yml file to support different languages.
  • Permission Based - The plugin is permission based to keep admins in control
  • Plugin Compatibility - Non-Unbreakable tools work with both EssentialsX and Mcmmo, preventing them from being repaired; tools work with Spartan Anticheat, to prevent block lag
  • Claim Compatibility - tools are unable to destroy blocks in claimed chunks through world guard, factions etc.
  • Efficient - The code has been optimized to ensure no lag, and flawless mining



  • /pickaxe give [player] (blast) [radius] [amount] - Give a player the specified number of blast pickaxes
  • /pickaxe give [player] (shockwave) [radius] [amount] - Give a player the specified number of shockwave pickaxes
  • /pickaxe give [player] (custom) [id] [amount] - Give a player the specified number of custom pickaxes from the config
  • /pickaxe reload - Reload the plugin

Try it now for free! :)