Have you ever wanted to have a wide variety of fish that your players could catch, each in different biomes or needing different weather? What about statistics on those fish such as length and rarity? What about having both those things while also being easily configurable and having options to use custom images for them?

Then Blep Fishing is for you!

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  • Custom fish that can easily be created, edited, and deleted
  • Custom rarities for the fish with weights on each of them
  • Full control over what gets added through the config file
  • Each fish shows who caught it
  • Through the use of Custom Model Data, make each fish look different and unique
  • Set biomes that each fish can show in, or simply type "All" if you want them to show everywhere
Upcoming Features
  • Per fish leaderboards
  • Points for fish based on their rarity and length
  • Cooking recipes, both furnace AND campfire for your custom fish
  • Server tournaments for who can find the most valuable fish
  • Ability to turn the new fish back to vanilla
Blep Fishing contains an easy to use Leaderboards feature that is able to be viewed in multiple ways. First, and most simple is through the leaderboard command (see below), but for those wanting a more immersive leaderboard, signs are the other way.

~How To~
First, create a sign formatted for the leaderboard

Line 1: [bf] simply tells Minecraft that the sign needs to be formatted by Blep Fishing.
Line 2: Here you put the name of the fish you want the Leaderboard to show
Line 3: This is the position of the leaderboard you want to show, if left blank the sign will default to the first spot

On creation, the sign will either display the information of the fish at that location on the leaderboard or, if that amount of fish has yet to be caught, will instead show a "Not Available" message.

Best of all? These signs stay updated as bigger and better fish are caught!

Commands and Permissions
/Blep Reload - blep.reload
-reloads the plugins
/Blep Fish - blep.listFish
Lists out every fish in the game
/Blep LB <Fish Name>
Shows the top 10 catches of the chosen fish

Need some assistance with Blep Fishing? Join the Blep Addons Discord Server to get help or just discuss the plugin!