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Have you ever wanted to have a wide variety of fish that your players could catch, each in different biomes or needing different weather? What about statistics on those fish such as length and rarity? What about having both those things while also being easily configurable and having options to use custom images for them?

Then Blep Fishing is for you!

  • Custom fish that can look however you want with the use of Custom Model Data!
  • Server-Wide Fishing Tournaments!
  • Robust Treasure System that supports ANY custom item!
  • Expansive Endgame Content that encourages players to travel all across the world!
  • Economy support with multiple ways of selling fish!
  • Unique [img] tag Fish-Bag that lets players store massive amounts of what they catch!
  • A high quality config editor that allows you to easily change every aspect of the plugin to suit your servers needs!
Fishing Tournaments
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Fishing tournaments bring a fun and exciting way to encourage server wide participation!
  • Endlessly customizable using the dedicated config file
  • Multiple commands for managing tournaments in game
  • Custom BossBar Support with large amount of available options
  • Reward support for ANY custom item
  • Unlimited reward placementsincluding participation

  Custom Fish

  Fishing Gear



Commands and Permissions

Need some assistance with Blep Fishing? Join the Blep Addons Discord Server to get help or just discuss the plugin!

Want the custom icons seen in the photos? Download our resource pack on Planet Minecraft here!