1.4.6 Sep 15, 2023

1.4.5 Jul 8, 2023

Latest version, see updates on discord.

Version 1.4.4 Jun 30, 2023

「⚙️」Solved an issue with IP Cap and HWID Cap, now if for example the 3/3 will be reached and the IP or HWID is not in the list, you receive a message that you reached the IP Cap. 
「⚙️」Solved an issue on /license create when the description of a product was longer then 100, it caused an error and unable to select a product.

「⚙️」Solved an issue on creating products when giving a description.
「⚙️」Solved the hwid system. It's now working and will also be shown in the authentication.
「⚙️」Solved an issue with creating licenses that if the user has no dms on. 

1.4.3 Jun 19, 2023

2705.png」Updated the discord.js latest version.

2699.png」Solved an issue on startup up Something strange happened, you should update the bot to the latest version by downloading the latest version on BuiltByBit. You have to only receive the Client.js and Server.js in the structures folder.
2699.png」Solved an issue with checking for your license.

1.4.2 May 8, 2023