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• Fully customizable lightning wands

· Create as many lightning wands with different functionalities.
· Define uses (infinite included) when giving wands.
· Custom names, lores, flags, glow, custom heads, custom item textures (1.14+).
· Cooldowns for different wand actions.

• Exclusive - Left & Right-Click Abilities
· Define left & right-click abilities such as charging the creeper, auto blow, and knockback.
· Tweak each aspect of every ability (power, cooldowns, etc.)

• Quality of Life Features
· Easily give items to everyone online (using * in the command).
· Fully customizable messages including chat (option to auto-center), actionbars, and titles. (RGB Support)
· Fully customizable sounds (option for power and pitch), for every command and event.
· Use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder in plugin messages.

• General Quality
· Clickable chat menu with command suggestions and command executions.
· Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates.
· Works on versions throughout 1.8 - Latest.
· Frequent updates & fixes & support.



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