Boost is a unique and new competitive platform jumping minigame for two or more players.

Take aim and boost other players off their platforms so they fall, and are out. Boosting works from any range across an arena, just aim for the blocks the other player is standing on. You can also boost yourself from platform to platform to move through or climb higher in the arena but be careful, you're easier to target from underneath.

The last player still on a platform is the winner.

The game play in this game is entirely of my own design. It is not a recreation of something you can find elsewhere. When I designed it there was no other game like it and probably still isn't.

Many thanks to wsman217 for extensive testing and feedback.

Try it yourself
Grab some friends and visit my play-test and demo

Note: While Boost has most of what is required for multi-world support it has no inventory protection. Players will be given Boost-related items and player inventories will be cleared.
If you're using a multi-server network with a separate server for Boost this is not a problem.
If you are using multiple worlds, you should use a plugin such as Multiverse Inventories to keep any Boost worlds in their own inventory group.

Installation - Read a tutorial here
Boost is a self contained mini game plugin. It will manage queuing for and running games including teleporting players to lobbies and game arenas. Sign clicking or commands can be used to join and leave a game lobby. Players are given an instruction book with the essentials of the game on joining.
Boost supports multiple concurrent games.

Played games, win and loss statistics are tracked and can be displayed by command or sign click.

To install Boost, move the downloaded Boost jar file to the server's plugins folder. Boost has no required dependencies.

After installation and first run, you will need to edit the config.yml file to set the spawn location and set the world name(s) in which Boost will operate.

Configuration - Read a tutorial here
Boost provides in-game admin commands to set arena and lobby locations. Boost commands provide tab-complete and in-game help. More configuration is available by directly editing config.yml and other configuration files.

Boost supports permissions for players and admins. If run without a permissions plugin, only OP players will have access to admin commands but regular players will have access to player commands.

More information here.

Language Translation
Boost can be translated from English by providing a localized messages.yml and boostSticks.yml file. Localized files should begin with a two-character language prefix and can be enabled in-game.
Thanks to FengLiQiu for translation into Chinese.

Arena and lobby building - Read a tutorial here
Use "/boost build" to switch to building mode and "/boost nobuild" to return to playing mode. In playing mode you cannot break or place blocks.

A Boost server should contain one main lobby area and, for each game, a queuing lobby and a game arena. Each area should be enclosed such that players cannot wander or jump from one area to another.
The teleport location into each is set in the config.yml file.

Each game arena has a Y value at which a player is considered to have fallen "out" of that game. In the configuration for any arena this is the setting "ground:".
Above that Y value you can place arena platforms in any configuration that you like up to the build limit.
If you start with a void world then this Y value could be near or at 0. If you start with a default overland then this Y value is likely to be more like 64.

Platforms should be one block thick so that you can hit the blocks under another player from underneath. Glass platforms are good to see the players below you, although bouncy slime can be fun.

It is not necessary to enclose an arena in a box, as long as players cannot jump back into a lobby or another arena. There is no limit to arena size other than build limits.

Signs - Read a tutorial here
Boost recognises signs that have the correct text.
e.g. A sign with the following text on the first 3 lines will allow a player to click the sign to join Arena1:
Click to join

"[Boost]" must always be on the top line.
The sign type must be on the second line.
Arena name or statistics period must be on the third line if required.
The supported sign types follows. One of these must be the second line of text on the sign.
  • Click to join
  • Click to leave
  • Click for status
  • Your stats
  • Leader board
You can translate or change the sign text in messages.yml.

More information here.

Place holders
Display your leader board on holograms or NPCs that support PlaceholderAPI.

See the list of place holders provided by Boost here.

If you have any trouble please either raise an issue on GitHub.

View the Boost wiki on GitHub.

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