1.12.0 Sep 30, 2020
1.12.0 - Player GUI & Parkour race

Boost now sports an inventory GUI for player commands to join and leave games and to show statistics.

Parkour race:
The win ceiling was introduced in version 1.11, offering an alternative way to win.
This update, 1.12, introduces a per-game setting to return to return to the game start spawn if you fall to the ground level instead of losing a game. With a win-ceiling and return-to-start you can implement a competitive parkour-style race.

Other changes:
* More feedback for games that are not properly configured.
* No longer counts a win if others quit before anyone loses.
* Loss spawn not required if ground setting is disabled.
* Boost by boost-block now in facing direction not movement direction.
* Fixed some leaderboard query statements were left open.
* Removed &4 format code from permission-message in plugin.yml.
* Massive internal refactor of command handling code.

Test server:
If you hadn't noticed, I'm now proudly sponsored by Apex Minecraft Hosting. You can try out the latest changes in Boost on my play-test and demo server:
This will usually be running the latest Minecraft version and often pre-release builds of Boost. You'll also see some of the various configuration possibilities and arenas I have built to test and demonstrate Boost game-play options.

Do drop by for a visit. If you have questions and/or comments, you can send me in-game mail, PM me on here, or discord pmme#8563

1.11.0 Jul 26, 2020