NOTE: This is a skript, not a plugin - To use this, you need to download Skript and an addon for it to work. Don't know what to do? Keep scrolling for more information.


Dependencies Download:




For help needing to add the file to your server:

Go to [File Manager] > [Plugins Folder] > [Skript Folder] > > Create a new file and paste it in or upload the file directly. Then use '/sk reload [file name]'


For help modifying the file to your needs:

For modifying the messages, open up the file and look for ' message "[text]" '. The [text] area is where you can change the messages, and make sure to NOT touch the variables and messaging with it (%{variable}%). If you still need help contact me via discord.


Need support? Contact me @ Ago#1338


Thank you for your support and making me want to make more skripts like this!