This package includes 22 custom rank tags with a unique box-style design, along with 5 additional rarity tags that you can use as you wish. Furthermore, we provide the TAB configuration, which comes pre-configured with 9 color variations for your server. Remember, you have complete freedom to make changes after the purchase.

Square Style: Our rank tags have a square look that stands out and catches players' attention. Whether you want a touch of elegance or a more modern style, our tags adapt to any environment.

Custom TAB Configuration: In addition to the rank tags, we have also included a custom configuration for the TAB. You can add a custom logo to make your server even more unique. We offer 9 different color options to choose from, allowing you to choose the palette that best matches your server's aesthetic. Available colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Gray, Orange, Orange with Green, Purple and Yellow

Our package relies on using the ItemsAdder or Oraxen plugins to take full advantage of its functionality. These plugins are not included in the package, so you will need to purchase them separately.
(And all your dependencies)

To add these rank tags to chat, simply use a permissions plugin such as LuckPerms and add the corresponding code to your settings. Our detailed instructions make this process easy and straightforward. 

You will also need to download Neznamy's TAB plugin to take full advantage of the TAB function. This add-on plugin will help enhance players' experience on your server. (And all your dependencies)
Other plugins used in configuration: Vault and PlayerPoints

In-Game Images:


Easy installation: 
The installation process is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal effort or complications:

a. ItemsAdder
Extract the contents of the .zip file into the Plugins/ItemsAdder folder. 
Start your server. Type "iazip" in the console.
In-game, type "/iatexture" and wait for the loading process.

b. Oraxen:
Extract the contents of the .zip file into the Plugins/Oraxen folder. 
Start your server. 
Configure the Oraxen plugin according to the provided instructions.


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Terms of Service: 
1. Redistribution: By using this product, you agree not to redistribute it or falsely claim it as your own.

2. Refunds: All purchases are non-refundable.

3. Modification: Once purchased, you are allowed to customize this product to your preferences.

4. Reselling and Sharing: Selling or sharing this product with others is strictly prohibited.

5. Impersonation: Do not impersonate the creator or sell this product to third parties under false pretenses.

6. Customer Support: If you encounter any installation or usage issues, our dedicated support team is available to provide assistance. Feel free to reach out to us for prompt help.

7. Review: Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact us to address the issue. Kindly refrain from leaving negative reviews without attempting to contact us first.