The main version of the server is designed as 1.16.5. You need to use the ViaVersion plugin to be able to enter the server with all versions. In order to view the special items prepared with the resource pack, you need to log in with optifine. The colorings in the setup have been carefully designed. Before presenting the product to you, many controls have been provided and its optimization has been kept at the highest level. If you buy the product, you can get technical support through our discord server. We work carefully to provide you with the best service.


  • Mines | Your players can get coins by breaking the mines that are resets periodically.
  • Villager Trades | Your players can obtain items by trade with villagers.
  • Custom Items | Your server looks more good with custom items designed with resource pack.
  • Custom Enchants | Your server is now different with special spells that are not available in the game.
  • Custom GUI | Your server looks more good with custom guis designed with resource pack.
  • Custom Badges | Your server looks more good with custom badges designed with resource pack.
  • Custom Tags | Your server looks more good with custom tags designed with resource pack.
  • Custom Tab | There is a tab specific to each permissions.
  • Cosmetics | Your players can earn cosmetic items from crates.
  • Decorations | Your server looks good with decorations!
  • Ranks | Your players can rank up by doing quests. (6 Rank)
  • Quests | Your players can rank up by doing quests.
  • LeaderBoards | When your players progress, they advance in the ranking.
  • DailyRewards | Your players can receive items rewards daily.
  • Crates | Your players can earn items by opening crates with the crate keys they have obtained.
  • PlayerVaults | Your players can vault their items.
  • Events | Your players can earn items by join in different events held every day.
  • Parkours | Your players earn coins by playing parkour.
  • Biomes | Your server looks more good thanks to the biomes of the regions.
  • Blood Effect | When your players hit each other, the blood effect appears.
  • Jumppads | Your players can teleport to areas on the map via jumppads.
  • Trade | Your players can trade securely with each other.
  • Mine Lucky Block | You can get great items by breaking the lucky blocks in the mining areas.
  • Fairy Souls | You can earn great items by collecting fairy souls on the map.
  • Cobweb | Placed cobwebs are removed after a while.
  • Kit Preview | Players can view kits.
  • Bossbar Announcer | You can send information messages to your players via the Bossbar.
  • Auto Pickup | When your players break blocks, the blocks come to their inventory.
  • No Glass Bottle | When the potion is drunk, the bottle is removed.
  • Auto Event | Every day the event is done automatically.
  • Auto Restart | The server restarts automatically every day.
  • Resource Pack | Custom items on the server are designed with the resource pack. You need to login with optifine to see custom items.
  • Combatlog | Your players will lose their items when they leave the battle. In addition, they cannot leave the area while in combat.
  • Chat Control | There is chat protection for situations such as writing a quick message, repeating the same message, swearing in the chat.
  • Anti World Downloader | It prevents the maps on your server from being downloaded using a client.