This BOXPVP CONFIGURATION includes CUSTOM PLUGINS at absolutely no cost, and it boasts numerous features that set it apart from the rest.


  1. Clan System: Team system with which you can ally to dominate the server
  2. Combat Excellence: Face each other in epic fights to the death but BE CAREFUL, don't leave or you may die!
  3. Villager Trades: Trade with villagers for coveted items that can give you the edge in combat.
  4. Custom Holograms: Enjoy personalized holograms that add a unique touch to your gaming experience.
  5. Mine System: Progress through levels and unlock epic armor as you ascend the mines.
  6. Top Leaderboards: Compete to be number 1 in the rankings and be the best on the server but remember not to go overboard with deaths.
  7. Chat System: Chat with other users in a healthy way with our chat system that avoids spawning, flooding and more.
  8. Backup System: You can configure the backup system so that from time to time a backup is made directly to your Google Drive or Dropox.
  9. Crates: Open crates for exclusive rewards and elevate your in-game adventure.
  10. VIP Ranks and Expert Staff: Benefit from finely-tuned VIP ranks and a dedicated staff team.
  11. Secure Trading System: Trade items securely with other players and strike profitable deals.
  12. Kit Selection: Choose from a variety of kits to optimize your equipment..
  13. AutoPickup: Automatic collection system with which you can activate that when you mine the items they go directly to the inventory.



  List of Mines



¿How do I install it?

After having the setup purchased, perform the following steps.

1. Go to PurPur or PaperMC and download version 1.20

2. Rename the file to server.jar or whatever you have it configured on your startup system.

3. When you start accepting the eula you configure the port in the server.properties

And it would be ready to use, you would only have to adjust what you need in your Tab and Scoreboard. If you need support you can request it through discord.


Note: If there is any error on the server, do not hesitate to contact me through discord to help you solve the problem.