What is BugReport?
Bug Report is a tool that helps server owners manage any bugs found by players which can then be accessed by a GUI. This is especially helpful as information about the player is stored as soon as they submit a bug report. Information collected when a bug report is submitted is as follows:

  1. Server Name
  2. Player Name
  3. Player's UUID
  4. Current World Name
  5. Full Message
  6. Category ID (If the option is turned on)
  7. Status (Can be customized using a GUI)
  8. Date & Time
  9. Player's Location
  10. Player's Game Mode

You can archive/unarchive/delete bug reports, customize the "Bug Report Details" GUI, customize all of the statuses, language selector and more!


  • bugreport <message> - Adds a new bug report either via message or a GUI for the categories.
  • buglist - This shows a GUI with all the reports made on the settings page.
  • buglistsettings - This shows the Bug List Settings GUI.
  • buglistarchived - See all of the bug reports that have been archived in a GUI.
  • buglinkdiscord <Webhook URL> - Links a Discord Webhook to send all Bug Reports to.

Command Aliases

  • /br <message> (/bugreport <Message>)
  • /bl (/buglist)
  • /bla (/buglistarchived)
  • /bls (/buglistsettings)
  • /bld <Webhook URL> (/buglinkdiscord <Webhook URL>)


  • bugreport.admin - Allows a user to access the buglist command.
  • bugreport.notify - Let a player be notified every time a bug report is sent.

Bug List GUI


Bug Details GUI









Plan Support
Bug Report now supports the Plan API. To use Bug Report with Plan, you will need to install Plan onto your Spigot Server and it should set up everything automatically.

Custom GUI Support
Bug Report now supports the ability to customize GUIs, to customize a GUI simply navigate to the custom_bug_report_details_GUI.yml file and then choose whatever style GUI you would like. This is currently in BETA so bugs are likely to be found. YML file is below:

# Slots always start from 0 and go up to the max guiSize value.

# The list of valid bugReportItem instances are
# BugReporter, BugReportUUID, BugReportWorld, BugReportMessage, BugReportCategory, BugReportStatus, BugReportTimestamp
# BugReportLocation, BugReportGamemode, BugReportArchive, BugReportBack, BugReportDelete

# Any of these items can have a texture, the list of textures can be obtained from here: https://minecraft-heads.com/custom-heads
# Then select the "Value" under the "For Developers:" section and paste it in the texture field.

# The only material that accepts an array of materials is BugReportStatus. Any other bugReportItem won't accept this type!

# The list of all items that can have a texture are:
# BugReportUUID, BugReportWorld, BugReportMessage
# BugReportCategory, BugReportTimestamp, BugReportLocation
# BugReportGamemode, BugReportArchive, BugReportDelete

  guiSize: 45 # The GUI size can be between 9 and 54 but has to be a multiple of 9.
    - slot: 1
      bugReportItem: BugReporter
      material: PLAYER_HEAD # For player texture, use %player_texture%. Only works for BugReporter.
      texture: "%player_texture%"
    - slot: 3
      bugReportItem: BugReportUUID
      material: NAME_TAG
      texture: ""
    - slot: 5
      bugReportItem: BugReportWorld
      material: GRASS_BLOCK
      texture: ""
    - slot: 7
      bugReportItem: BugReportMessage
      material: PAPER
      texture: ""
    - slot: 18
      bugReportItem: BugReportCategory
      material: CHEST
      texture: ""
    - slot: 20
      bugReportItem: BugReportStatus
      material: [LIME_DYE, RED_DYE] # First item is Active, Second is Archived
    - slot: 22
      bugReportItem: BugReportTimestamp
      material: CLOCK
      texture: ""
    - slot: 24
      bugReportItem: BugReportLocation
      material: COMPASS
      texture: ""
    - slot: 26
      bugReportItem: BugReportGamemode
      material: DIAMOND_SWORD
      texture: ""
    - slot: 38 # For BugReportArchive and BugReportUnArchive, only one will ever show depending on the GUI. The other will be hidden.
      bugReportItem: BugReportUnArchive
      material: PLAYER_HEAD
      texture: "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvNDVjNTg4YjllYzBhMDhhMzdlMDFhODA5ZWQwOTAzY2MzNGMzZTNmMTc2ZGM5MjIzMDQxN2RhOTNiOTQ4ZjE0OCJ9fX0="
    - slot: 38
      bugReportItem: BugReportArchive
      material: PLAYER_HEAD
      texture: "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvY2Y5YjY3YmI5Y2MxYzg4NDg2NzYwYjE3MjY1MDU0MzEyZDY1OWRmMmNjNjc1NTc1MDA0NWJkNzFjZmZiNGU2MCJ9fX0="
    - slot: 40
      bugReportItem: BugReportBack
      material: BARRIER
    - slot: 42
      bugReportItem: BugReportDelete
      material: PLAYER_HEAD
      texture: "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvYmUwZmQxMDE5OWU4ZTRmY2RhYmNhZTRmODVjODU5MTgxMjdhN2M1NTUzYWQyMzVmMDFjNTZkMThiYjk0NzBkMyJ9fX0="

Placeholder API Support
Bug Report now supports Placeholder API, the keys for Bug Report are the following with more to come in the future.

%bugreports_totalBugReports% - ( Returns the total amount of bug reports)
%bugreports_totalArchivedBugReports% - ( Returns the total amount of archived bug reports)
%bugreports_totalNonArchivedBugReports% - ( Returns the total amount of non-archived bug reports)

Discord Support
If you need any support or have features you want to be added to Bug Report, you can join the Discord here - https://discord.gg/jXsV3xQJD4.

Example Main Config File

webhookURL: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/

enableDiscordWebhook: false
enablePluginReportCategories: false
enablePluginReportBook: false
enableBugReportNotifications: true

serverName: ""

# # Available placeholders:
# Aqua, Black, Blue, Dark_Aqua, Dark_Blue
# Dark_Gray, Dark_Green, Dark_Purple, Dark_Red
# Gold, Gray, Green, Light_Purple, Red, White, Yellow
discordEmbedColor: Green
discordEmbedTitle: New Bug Report
discordEmbedFooter: Bug Report v0.11.2
discordEmbedThumbnail: https://www.spigotmc.org/data/resource_icons/110/110732.jpg
discordEnableThumbnail: true
discordEnableUserAuthor: true
discordIncludeDate: true

  - name: "Username"
    id: 1
    value: "%report_username%"
    inline: true
  - name: "UUID"
    id: 2
    value: "%report_uuid%"
    inline: true
  - name: "World"
    id: 3
    value: "%report_world%"
    inline: true
  - name: "Location (X, Y, Z)"
    id: 4
    value: "%report_location%"
    inline: true
  - name: "Gamemode"
    id: 5
    value: "%report_gamemode%"
    inline: true
  - name: "Status"
    id: 6
    value: "%report_status%"
    inline: true
  - name: "Category"
    id: 7
    value: "%report_category%"
    inline: true
  - name: "Full Message"
    id: 8
    value: "%report_full_message%"
    inline: false

useTitleInsteadOfMessage: false
enablePlayerHeads: true
refreshPlayerHeadCache: 1d # Default, 1m, 1h, 1d, 1w, 1mo, 1y

language: en
max-reports-per-player: 50 # 0 = unlimited
report-confirmation-message: Thanks for submitting a report!

# # Available placeholders:
# Aqua, Black, Blue, Dark_Aqua, Dark_Blue
# Dark_Gray, Dark_Green, Dark_Purple, Dark_Red
# Gold, Gray, Green, Light_Purple, Red, White, Yellow
pluginColor: Yellow

# You are able to use & for color codes such as "&8[&6Bug Report&8]&9".
# For a list of color codes, visit https://htmlcolorcodes.com/minecraft-color-codes (Format Codes will NOT work!)
# This will override the pluginColor option.
pluginTitle: '[Bug Report]'

# This can either be "mysql" or "local".
# If you choose "mysql", you must fill out the database section below.
# If you choose "local", no configuration is required.
databaseType: local
  host: localhost
  port: 3306
  database: database
  username: root
  password: password

  - name: Plugin Bug
    id: 1
    description: Report a bug with a plugin
    item: minecraft:book
    color: red
  - name: Server Bug
    id: 2
    description: Report a bug with the server
    item: minecraft:emerald
    color: green
  - name: Resource Bug
    id: 3
    description: Report a bug with the resource pack
    item: minecraft:map
    color: blue
  - name: Other
    id: 4
    description: Report something else
    item: minecraft:paper
    color: yellow

  - name: Open
    description: Report is open
    icon: minecraft:green_dye
    color: GREEN
    id: 1
  - name: Archived
    description: Report is archived
    icon: minecraft:red_dye
    color: RED
    id: 2
  - name: Pending
    description: Report is pending
    icon: minecraft:yellow_dye
    color: YELLOW
    id: 3
  - name: Ignored
    description: Report is ignored
    icon: minecraft:white_dye
    color: WHITE
    id: 4

Example Languages File

      back: "Back"
      forward: "Forward"
      pageInfo: "Page %currentPage% of %totalPages%"
      settings: "Settings"
      close: "Close"
      page: "Page"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "Enable Discord Webhook"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "Enable Bug Report Notifications"
      enableCategorySelection: "Enable Category Selection"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Set Max Reports Per Player"
      setLanguage: "Set Language"
      on: "On"
      off: "Off"
      language: "Language"
      cancelled: "Cancelled"
      cancel: "Cancel"
      archive: "Archive"
      unarchive: "Unarchive"
      delete: "Delete"
      otherSettings: "Other Settings"
      enableTitleMessage: "Enable Title Message"
      enablePlayerHeads: "Enable Player Heads"
      enableReportBook: "Enable Report Book"
      viewStatus: "View Status"
      editStatus: "Edit Status"
      renameStatus: "Rename Status"
      removeStatus: "Remove Status"
      statusName: "Status Name"
      statusMaterial: "Status Material"
      statusColor: "Status Color"
      statusDescription: "Status Description"
      statusSelection: "Status Selection"
      confirmationDelete: "Delete Bug Report?"
      confirmationArchive: "Archive Bug Report?"
    missingValueMessage: "Missing '%key%' in reportCategories in config.yml"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "Missing reportCategories in config.yml"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "Something went wrong while loading the report categories"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "A new bug report has been submitted by %player%!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "Missing webhookURL in config.yml"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "Bug report submitted successfully!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "Please enter your bug report in chat. Type 'cancel' to cancel"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "Bug report cancelled"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "You have reached the maximum amount of reports you can submit"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "Bug report categories are not configured"
    enterValidNumber: "Please enter a valid number"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "Report cooldown has been set to %time% seconds"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "Max reports per player has been set to %amount%"
    languageSetTo: "Language set to %language%"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Enter the max reports a player can submit. Or type 'cancel' to cancel"
    enterStatusToAdd: "Enter the status to add. Or type 'cancel' to cancel"
    statusTooLong: "Status is too long. Please enter a status that is less than 16 characters"
    statusTooShort: "Status is too short. Please enter a status that is more than 3 characters"
    statusAlreadyExists: "Status already exists. Please enter a different status"
    statusAdded: "Status added"
    newStatusAdded: "Successfully added new status %status%. You can now set the material, color, and description for this status"
    statusLimitReached: "You have reached the maximum amount of statuses"
    statusRemoved: "You have removed the status %status%"
    statusRenamed: "Status renamed to %status%"
    statusMaterialChanged: "Status material changed to %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "Status color changed to %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "Status description changed to %description%"
    invalidColor: "Invalid color. Please enter a valid color"
    newReportsMessage: "You have %numReports% new reports"
    noNewReportsMessage: "You have no new reports"
      back: "Atrás"
      forward: "Adelante"
      pageInfo: "Página %currentPage% de %totalPages%"
      settings: "Ajustes"
      close: "Cerrar"
      page: "Página"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "Habilitar Webhook de Discord"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "Habilitar Notificaciones de Informes de Errores"
      enableCategorySelection: "Habilitar Selección de Categoría"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Establecer Máximo de Informes por Jugador"
      setLanguage: "Establecer Idioma"
      on: "Activado"
      off: "Desactivado"
      language: "Idioma"
      cancelled: "Cancelado"
      cancel: "Cancelar"
      archive: "Archivo"
      unarchive: "Desarchivar"
      delete: "Eliminar"
      otherSettings: "Otros Ajustes"
      enableTitleMessage: "Habilitar Mensaje de Título"
      enablePlayerHeads: "Habilitar Cabezas de Jugador"
      enableReportBook: "Habilitar Libro de Informes"
      viewStatus: "Ver Estado"
      editStatus: "Editar Estado"
      renameStatus: "Renombrar Estado"
      removeStatus: "Eliminar Estado"
      statusName: "Nombre del Estado"
      statusMaterial: "Material del Estado"
      statusColor: "Color del Estado"
      statusDescription: "Descripción del Estado"
      statusSelection: "Selección de Estado"
      confirmationDelete: "¿Eliminar Informe de Error?"
      confirmationArchive: "¿Archivar Informe de Error?"
    missingValueMessage: "Valor faltante para la clave '%key%' en reportCategories en config.yml"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "Falta reportCategories en config.yml"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "Algo salió mal al cargar las categorías de informes"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "¡Se ha enviado un nuevo informe de error por %player%!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "Falta webhookURL en config.yml"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "¡Informe de error enviado con éxito!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "Ingrese su informe de error en el chat. Escriba 'cancel' para cancelar"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "Informe de error cancelado"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "Ha alcanzado la cantidad máxima de informes que puede enviar"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "Las categorías de informes de errores no están configuradas"
    enterValidNumber: "Por favor ingrese un número válido"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "El tiempo de espera del informe se ha establecido en %time% segundos"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "El máximo de informes por jugador se ha establecido en %amount%"
    languageSetTo: "Idioma establecido en %language%"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Ingrese los informes máximos que un jugador puede enviar. O escriba 'cancelar' para cancelar"
    enterStatusToAdd: "Ingrese el estado a añadir. O escriba 'cancelar' para cancelar"
    statusTooLong: "El estado es demasiado largo. Por favor ingrese un estado que tenga menos de 16 caracteres"
    statusTooShort: "El estado es demasiado corto. Por favor ingrese un estado que tenga más de 3 caracteres"
    statusAlreadyExists: "El estado ya existe. Por favor ingrese un estado diferente"
    statusAdded: "Estado añadido con éxito"
    newStatusAdded: "¡Estado añadido con éxito! Puedes establecer el material, color y descripción para este estado"
    statusLimitReached: "Has alcanzado la cantidad máxima de estados"
    statusRemoved: "Has eliminado el estado %status%"
    statusRenamed: "Estado renombrado a %status%"
    statusMaterialChanged: "Material del estado cambiado a %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "Color del estado cambiado a %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "Descripción del estado cambiada a %description%"
    invalidColor: "Color no válido. Por favor ingrese un color válido"
    newReportsMessage: "Tienes %numReports% nuevos informes"
    noNewReportsMessage: "No tienes nuevos informes"
      back: "Dos"
      forward: "Avant"
      pageInfo: "Page %currentPage% sur %totalPages%"
      settings: "Paramètres"
      close: "Fermer"
      page: "Page"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "Activer le Webhook Discord"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "Activer les Notifications de Rapport de Bug"
      enableCategorySelection: "Activer la Sélection de Catégorie"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Définir le Nombre Maximal de Rapports par Joueur"
      setLanguage: "Définir la Langue"
      on: "Activé"
      off: "Désactivé"
      language: "Langue"
      cancelled: "Annulé"
      cancel: "Annuler"
      archive: "Archiver"
      unarchive: "Désarchiver"
      delete: "Supprimer"
      otherSettings: "Autres Paramètres"
      enableTitleMessage: "Activer le Message de Titre"
      enablePlayerHeads: "Activer les Têtes de Joueur"
      enableReportBook: "Activer le Livre de Rapport"
      viewStatus: "Voir l'état"
      editStatus: "Editer l'état"
      renameStatus: "Renommer l'état"
      removeStatus: "Supprimer l'état"
      statusName: "Nom de l'état"
      statusMaterial: "Material de l'état"
      statusColor: "Couleur de l'état"
      statusDescription: "Description de l'état"
      statusSelection: "Sélection de l'état"
      confirmationDelete: "Supprimer le rapport de bug?"
      confirmationArchive: "Archiver le rapport de bug?"
    missingValueMessage: "Valeur manquante pour la clé '%key%' dans reportCategories dans config.yml"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "ReportCategories manquant dans config.yml"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "Quelque chose s'est mal passé lors du chargement des catégories de rapport"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "Un nouveau rapport de bug a été soumis par %player%!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "WebhookURL manquant dans config.yml"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "Rapport de bug soumis avec succès!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "Veuillez saisir votre rapport de bug dans le chat. Tapez 'cancel' pour annuler"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "Rapport de bug annulé"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "Vous avez atteint le nombre maximum de rapports que vous pouvez soumettre"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "Les catégories de rapport de bogue ne sont pas configurées"
    enterValidNumber: "Veuillez saisir un nombre valide"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "Le temps de refroidissement du rapport a été défini sur %time% secondes"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "Le nombre maximal de rapports par joueur a été défini sur %amount%"
    languageSetTo: "Langue définie sur %language%"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Entrez les rapports max qu'un joueur peut soumettre. Ou tapez 'annuler' pour annuler"
    enterStatusToAdd: "Entrez l'état à ajouter. Ou tapez 'annuler' pour annuler"
    statusTooLong: "L'état est trop long. Veuillez saisir un état de moins de 16 caractères"
    statusTooShort: "L'état est trop court. Veuillez saisir un état de plus de 3 caractères"
    statusAlreadyExists: "L'état existe déjà. Veuillez saisir un état différent"
    statusAdded: "Etat ajouté avec succès"
    newStatusAdded: "Etat ajouté avec succès! Vous pouvez définir le matériau, la couleur et la description pour cet état"
    statusLimitReached: "Vous avez atteint le nombre maximum de états"
    statusRemoved: "Vous avez supprimé l'état %status%"
    statusRenamed: "Etat renommé à %status%"
    statusMaterialChanged: "Material de l'état changé à %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "Couleur de l'état changée à %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "Description de l'état changée à %description%"
    invalidColor: "Couleur non valide. Veuillez saisir une couleur valide"
    newReportsMessage: "Vous avez %numReports% nouveaux rapports"
    noNewReportsMessage: "Vous n'avez pas de nouveaux rapports"
      back: "Zurück"
      forward: "Vorwärts"
      pageInfo: "Seite %currentPage% von %totalPages%"
      settings: "Einstellungen"
      close: "Schließen"
      page: "Seite"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "Discord Webhook aktivieren"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "Bug Report Benachrichtigungen aktivieren"
      enableCategorySelection: "Kategorieauswahl aktivieren"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Maximale Berichte pro Spieler festlegen"
      setLanguage: "Sprache festlegen"
      on: "Aktiviert"
      off: "Deaktiviert"
      language: "Sprache"
      cancelled: "Abgebrochen"
      cancel: "Abbrechen"
      archive: "Archiv"
      unarchive: "Archiv aufheben"
      delete: "Löschen"
      otherSettings: "Andere Einstellungen"
      enableTitleMessage: "Titel Nachricht aktivieren"
      enablePlayerHeads: "Spielerköpfe aktivieren"
      enableReportBook: "Berichtsbuch aktivieren"
      viewStatus: "Status anzeigen"
      editStatus: "Status bearbeiten"
      renameStatus: "Status umbenennen"
      removeStatus: "Status entfernen"
      statusName: "Status Name"
      statusMaterial: "Material des Status"
      statusColor: "Farbe des Status"
      statusDescription: "Status Beschreibung"
      statusSelection: "Status Auswahl"
      confirmationDelete: "Löschen des Bug Reports?"
      confirmationArchive: "Archivieren des Bug Reports?"
    missingValueMessage: "Fehlender Wert für den Schlüssel '%key%' in reportCategories in config.yml"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "Fehlende reportCategories in config.yml"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "Beim Laden der Berichtskategorien ist etwas schief gelaufen"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "Ein neuer Fehlerbericht wurde von %player% eingereicht!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "Fehlende webhookURL in config.yml"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "Fehlerbericht erfolgreich eingereicht!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "Bitte geben Sie Ihren Fehlerbericht im Chat ein. Geben Sie 'abbrechen' ein, um abzubrechen"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "Fehlerbericht abgebrochen"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "Sie haben die maximale Anzahl von Berichten erreicht, die Sie einreichen können"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "Bug-Berichtskategorien sind nicht konfiguriert"
    enterValidNumber: "Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Nummer ein"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "Die Berichtsabkühlzeit wurde auf %time% Sekunden festgelegt"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "Maximale Berichte pro Spieler wurden auf %amount% festgelegt"
    languageSetTo: "Sprache auf %language% gesetzt"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Geben Sie die maximalen Berichte ein, die ein Spieler einreichen kann. Oder geben Sie 'abbrechen' ein, um abzubrechen"
    enterStatusToAdd: "Geben Sie den Status hinzufügen. Oder geben Sie 'abbrechen' ein, um abzubrechen"
    statusTooLong: "Status ist zu lang. Bitte geben Sie einen Status ein, der weniger als 16 Zeichen hat"
    statusTooShort: "Status ist zu kurz. Bitte geben Sie einen Status ein, der mehr als 3 Zeichen hat"
    statusAlreadyExists: "Status existiert bereits. Bitte geben Sie einen anderen Status ein"
    statusAdded: "Status hinzugefügt"
    newStatusAdded: "Status hinzugefügt! Sie können den Material, die Farbe und die Beschreibung für diesen Status festlegen"
    statusLimitReached: "Sie haben die maximale Anzahl der Status erreicht"
    statusRemoved: "Sie haben den Status %status% entfernt"
    statusRenamed: "Status %status% umbenannt"
    statusMaterialChanged: "Material des Status geändert auf %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "Farbe des Status geändert auf %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "Beschreibung des Status geändert auf %description%"
    invalidColor: "Ungültige Farbe. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Farbe ein"
    newReportsMessage: "Sie haben %numReports% neue Berichte"
    noNewReportsMessage: "Sie haben keine neuen Berichte"
      back: "Indietro"
      forward: "Inoltrare"
      pageInfo: "Pagina %currentPage% di %totalPages%"
      settings: "Impostazioni"
      close: "Chiudere"
      page: "Pagina"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "Abilita Discord Webhook"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "Abilita Notifiche Bug Report"
      enableCategorySelection: "Abilita Selezione Categoria"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Imposta Massimo Report per Giocatore"
      setLanguage: "Imposta Lingua"
      on: "Attivato"
      off: "Disattivato"
      language: "Lingua"
      cancelled: "Annullato"
      cancel: "Annulla"
      archive: "Archivio"
      unarchive: "Disarchivia"
      delete: "Elimina"
      otherSettings: "Altre Impostazioni"
      enableTitleMessage: "Abilita Messaggio Titolo"
      enablePlayerHeads: "Abilita Teste Giocatore"
      enableReportBook: "Abilita Libro Report"
      viewStatus: "Visualizza Stato"
      editStatus: "Modifica Stato"
      renameStatus: "Rinomina Stato"
      removeStatus: "Elimina Stato"
      statusName: "Nome Stato"
      statusMaterial: "Material Stato"
      statusColor: "Colore Stato"
      statusDescription: "Descrizione Stato"
      statusSelection: "Selezione Stato"
      confirmationDelete: "Elimina Report?"
      confirmationArchive: "Archivia Report?"
    missingValueMessage: "Valore mancante per la chiave '%key%' in reportCategories in config.yml"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "ReportCategories mancante in config.yml"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "Qualcosa è andato storto durante il caricamento delle categorie di segnalazione"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "Una nuova segnalazione di bug è stata inviata da %player%!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "WebhookURL mancante in config.yml"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "Segnalazione di bug inviata con successo!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "Inserisci la tua segnalazione di bug in chat. Digita 'cancel' per annullare"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "Segnalazione di bug annullata"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "Hai raggiunto il numero massimo di segnalazioni che puoi inviare"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "Le categorie di segnalazione di bug non sono configurate"
    enterValidNumber: "Inserisci un numero valido"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "Il tempo di attesa del rapporto è stato impostato su %time% secondi"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "Il numero massimo di rapporti per giocatore è stato impostato su %amount%"
    languageSetTo: "Lingua impostata su %language%"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Inserisci i rapporti massimi che un giocatore può inviare. O digita 'annulla' per annullare"
    enterStatusToAdd: "Inserisci il stato da aggiungere. O digitare 'annulla' per annullare"
    statusTooLong: "Lo stato è troppo lungo. Inserisci uno stato che abbia meno di 16 caratteri"
    statusTooShort: "Lo stato è troppo breve. Inserisci uno stato che abbia più di 3 caratteri"
    statusAlreadyExists: "Il stato esiste già. Inserisci un stato diverso"
    statusAdded: "Il stato è stato aggiunto"
    newStatusAdded: "Il stato è stato aggiunto! Puoi impostare il materiale, il colore e la descrizione per questo stato"
    statusLimitReached: "Hai raggiunto il numero massimo di segnalazioni"
    statusRemoved: "Il stato è stato rimosso"
    statusRenamed: "Il stato è stato rinominato"
    statusMaterialChanged: "Il material dello stato è stato impostato su %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "Il colore dello stato è stato impostato su %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "La descrizione dello stato è stato impostata su %description%"
    invalidColor: "Colore non valido. Inserisci un colore valido"
    newReportsMessage: "Hai %numReports% nuove segnalazioni"
    noNewReportsMessage: "Non hai nuove segnalazioni"
      back: "返回"
      forward: "前进"
      pageInfo: "第 %currentPage% 页,共 %totalPages% 页"
      settings: "设置"
      close: "关闭"
      page: "页面"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "启用 Discord Webhook"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "启用错误报告通知"
      enableCategorySelection: "启用类别选择"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "设置每位玩家的最大报告数量"
      setLanguage: "设置语言"
      on: "开"
      off: "关"
      language: "语言"
      cancelled: "已取消"
      cancel: "取消"
      archive: "存档"
      unarchive: "取消存档"
      delete: "删除"
      otherSettings: "其他设置"
      enableTitleMessage: "启用标题消息"
      enablePlayerHeads: "启用玩家头像"
      enableReportBook: "启用报告书"
      viewStatus: "查看状态"
      editStatus: "编辑状态"
      renameStatus: "重命名状态"
      removeStatus: "移除状态"
      statusName: "状态名称"
      statusMaterial: "状态材质"
      statusColor: "状态颜色"
      statusDescription: "状态描述"
      statusSelection: "状态选择"
      confirmationDelete: "删除报告?"
      confirmationArchive: "存档报告?"
    missingValueMessage: "config.yml 中缺少 '%key%' 的报告类别"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "config.yml 中缺少报告类别"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "加载报告类别时出错"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "玩家 %player% 提交了一个新的错误报告!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "config.yml 中缺少 webhookURL"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "错误报告提交成功!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "请在聊天中输入您的错误报告。输入 '取消' 以取消"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "错误报告已取消"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "您已达到可以提交的报告最大数量"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "错误报告类别未配置"
    enterValidNumber: "请输入有效的数字"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "报告冷却时间已设置为 %time% 秒"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "每位玩家的最大报告数量已设置为 %amount%"
    languageSetTo: "语言已设置为 %language%"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "输入玩家可以提交的最大报告数量。或输入 '取消' 以取消"
    enterStatusToAdd: "输入要添加的状态。或输入 '取消' 以取消"
    statusTooLong: "状态名称太长。请输入一个状态名称,最多 16 个字符"
    statusTooShort: "状态名称太短。请输入一个状态名称,最少 3 个字符"
    statusAlreadyExists: "状态已存在。请输入一个不同的状态名称"
    statusAdded: "状态已添加"
    newStatusAdded: "状态已添加!您可以设置状态的材质、颜色和描述"
    statusLimitReached: "您已达到最大报告数量"
    statusRemoved: "状态已移除"
    statusRenamed: "状态已重命名"
    statusMaterialChanged: "状态的材质已设置为 %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "状态的颜色已设置为 %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "状态的描述已设置为 %description%"
    invalidColor: "颜色无效。请输入有效的颜色"
    newReportsMessage: "您有 %numReports% 条新报告"
    noNewReportsMessage: "您没有新报告"
      back: "Назад"
      forward: "Вперед"
      pageInfo: "Страница %currentPage% из %totalPages%"
      settings: "Настройки"
      close: "Закрыть"
      page: "Страница"
      enableDiscordWebhook: "Включить Discord Webhook"
      enableBugReportNotifications: "Включить Уведомления о Сообщениях об Ошибках"
      enableCategorySelection: "Включить Выбор Категории"
      setMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Установить Макс. Отчетов на Игрока"
      setLanguage: "Выбрать Язык"
      on: "Вкл."
      off: "Выкл."
      language: "Язык"
      cancelled: "Отменено"
      cancel: "Отменить"
      archive: "Архив"
      unarchive: "Из архива"
      delete: "Удалить"
      otherSettings: "Другие Настройки"
      enableTitleMessage: "Включить Сообщение в Заголовке"
      enablePlayerHeads: "Включить Головы Игроков"
      enableReportBook: "Включить Книгу Отчетов"
      viewStatus: "Просмотр статуса"
      editStatus: "Редактировать статус"
      renameStatus: "Переименовать статус"
      removeStatus: "Удалить статус"
      statusName: "Название статуса"
      statusMaterial: "Материал статуса"
      statusColor: "Цвет статуса"
      statusDescription: "Описание статуса"
      statusSelection: "Выбор статуса"
      confirmationDelete: "Удалить отчет?"
      confirmationArchive: "Архивировать отчет?"
    missingValueMessage: "Отсутствует '%key%' в reportCategories в config.yml"
    missingReportCategoryMessage: "Отсутствуют reportCategories в config.yml"
    wentWrongLoadingCategoriesMessage: "При загрузке категорий отчетов произошла ошибка"
    bugReportNotificationMessage: "Новый отчет об ошибке отправлен игроком %player%!"
    missingDiscordWebhookURLMessage: "Отсутствует webhookURL в config.yml"
    bugReportConfirmationMessage: "Отчет об ошибке успешно отправлен!"
    enterBugReportMessageCategory: "Пожалуйста, введите ваш отчет об ошибке в чате. Напишите 'отмена', чтобы отменить"
    cancelledBugReportMessage: "Отчет об ошибке отменен"
    maxReportsPerPlayerMessage: "Вы достигли максимального количества отчетов, которые вы можете отправить"
    bugReportCategoriesNotConfiguredMessage: "Категории отчетов об ошибках не настроены"
    enterValidNumber: "Пожалуйста, введите действительное число"
    reportCooldownSuccessMessage: "Время ожидания отчета установлено на %time% секунд"
    maxReportsPerPlayerSuccessMessage: "Макс. количество отчетов на игрока установлено в %amount%"
    languageSetTo: "Язык установлен на %language%"
    enterMaxReportsPerPlayer: "Введите макс. количество отчетов, которое игрок может отправить. Или напишите 'отмена', чтобы отменить"
    enterStatusToAdd: "Введите название статуса. Или напишите 'отмена', чтобы отменить"
    statusTooLong: "Статус слишком длинный. Пожалуйста, введите статус, который содержит менее 16 символов"
    statusTooShort: "Статус слишком короткий. Пожалуйста, введите статус, который содержит более 3 символов"
    statusAlreadyExists: "Статус уже существует. Введите другой статус"
    statusAdded: "Статус добавлен"
    newStatusAdded: "Статус добавлен! Вы можете настроить материал, цвет и описание для этого статуса"
    statusLimitReached: "Вы достигли максимального количества статусов"
    statusRemoved: "Статус удален"
    statusRenamed: "Статус переименован"
    statusMaterialChanged: "Материал статуса установлен на %material%"
    statusColorChanged: "Цвет статуса установлен на %color%"
    statusDescriptionChanged: "Описание статуса установлен на %description%"
    invalidColor: "Неверный цвет. Введите цвет, который существует"
    newReportsMessage: "У вас %numReports% новых отчетов"
    noNewReportsMessage: "У вас нет новых отчетов"

Metrics Collection
Bug Report uses bStats to collect anonymous statistics about servers. If you would like to disable metrics collection, you can do so by editing the plugins/bStats/config.yml file.