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A Clean and simple to edit Bungee & Lobby setup, this has been made for people that like to have a lobby without all the unnecessary and confusing extras.

Test Server:

This setup goes perfectly with my Survival Setup and my Skyblock Setup, they use the same ranks so you can configure a global rank system. (You need to have a database for this)
These setups are not required for this lobby, you can connect any server you want!

No premium plugins needed, Citizens is free here.
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BungeeCord Features:
  • Anti Bot.
  • Anti Plugin Steal.
  • Global Message System.
  • Global Network Announcements.
  • Global Tablist.
  • Global StaffChat.
Lobby Features:
  • Beautiful Exclusive Spawn.
  • Anti-World Downloader.
  • Server Selector.
  • Player Hider.
  • Server Information.
  • Announcements.
  • Scoreboard.
  • Tablist.
  • NPS's
  • Vote Menu.
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Support is provided through MCM and Discord if you need any help with the resource. JOIN HERE