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4.1 Jul 5, 2023
Minor Update


  • Added Snowball and Eggs projectile knockback
  • Added an option to use smoother projectile handling by disabling damage ticks


  • Fixed Pistons breaking
  • Fixed Eat while running causing infinite eating glitch?
  • Fixed movement related changes that tended to break anticheats
  • Fixed Multi-verse crash by command
  • Fixed tnt damage option being flipped
  • Improved Velocity handling/Smoother knockback
  • Cap per-thread NIO cache size
  • Fix xp/effects for PlayerProfile (Paper)
  • Fixed any skin breaking bugs
  • Fixed terrain/generator plugins breaking due to bad implementation
  • Removed Paper's block break bug
  • Fixed Citizens no such method error for method profiler
  • Fixed multiple CME crashes
  • Fixed null pointer exception for SimpleCommandMap
  • Fixed AsyncEntityTracker performance
  • Changed how damage ticks are handled
  • Fixed Chunk related crashes
  • Fixed missing method for Entity.teleportAsync
  • Improved Anti-Malware system
  • Improved enderpearl handling and side pearls

4.0 Apr 25, 2023
Major Update

World & Performance Optimization

  • Reverted World Related NMS Changes
  • Removed any useless chunk loading
  • Optimized BlockPosition Usages
  • Faster redstone torch rapid clock removal
  • Micro optimizations for Chunk#loadNearby
  • ChunkCord Caching by Lithium: ai/pathing/ChunkCache
  • Optimized Nibble Array
  • Completely Optimized PlayerChunkMap to use FastUtil (5x Faster)
  • PaperBin - WorldServer#everyoneDeeplySleeping optimization
  • Added warning for missing -noverify argument
  • Added Native SWM support (It now doesn't need to patch)
  • Fixed all carbon related memory leaks
  • Added PandaRedstoneWire for redstone optimizations
  • Added TacoSpigot patches for more performance

Bug Fixes & Exploit Prevention

  • Fixed player#setFlying not working properly
  • Fixed Killing at the same time
  • Pickup delay cannot go below 0 (Also configurable now)
  • Paper - shared random
  • Fixed FAWE & Multiverse command exploits to crash server
  • MineTick - Fix nether portal lag
  • Fixed hide and show player not working
  • Fixed Paper's Chunk overwriting
  • Fixed eating while running/eat while gui open
  • Fixed block hit glitch and sneak run glitch
  • Potentially fixed bard effect bug
  • Added Cannoning and Explosion Patches
  • Added proper sand and falling blocks physics
  • Fixed arrow bounce back glitches
  • Fixed memory leak for PathFinders
  • Prevent FishingHook from going through portals

Performance & Optimization

  • Performance improvement in HashTreeSet (FastUtil)
  • Updated old libs, cleaned up bukkit api
  • Removed left over unused utils
  • Downgrade special source plugin
  • Paper Patch - GH-404
  • YAPFA - Don't save Fireworks and Arrows
  • MinetickMod - fix rounding error
  • Used FastUUID Library for most NMS usages
  • Cleaned up and improved EntityTracker
  • Migot - Refactored IntCache to be thread local instead of static
  • Akarin - Save json list async
  • Added Async Entity Tracker (Supports Citizens and most anticheats)
  • Backported Async Chunk Generation + Loading system from 1.13.2 (Supports Citizens and most anticheats)
  • Backported PaperEntityList (Massively helps EntityTicking)
  • Backported modern tick loop (Stable 20 TPS w/TPS catchup)
  • Changed LongHashMap to FastUtil's LongMap
  • Added HealthObfuscation
  • Improved RelativeMoveFix rounding error

Player & Entity Related

  • Player#getProtocolVersion & Player#getVirtualHost
  • Add Bukkit#getPlayerUniqueId()
  • You can now edit PlayerProfile in AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent
  • Fixed Settings config reloading
  • Added an option in config to fix enchantment kb for Detailed & Expert
  • Added Straight explosion knockback
  • Ability to toggle of fall damage knockback
  • Made block hit glitch and eat while running configurable


  • Synchronized Structure and Structure related classes
  • Backport SPIGOT-5428
  • Backported Chunk Events
  • Backported improve CraftAsyncScheduler, AsyncExecutor, CallbacksProvider etc.
  • Added warning for missing -noverify argument
  • Removed Timings for Spark profiler (Auto downloads if not present)
  • Carbon's new event bus optimization 2.0, works on all java versions


  • Use -noverify in JVM arguments (OBF Relate)
  • You cannot use Carbon as a library in your spigot plugins development, you must use Paper and our Developer API.


3.5 Feb 11, 2023
Major Update


  • Added more Book exploit patches


  • Completely recoded carbon config (new file name is settings.yml)
  • Removed License.yml, license field is now in settings.yml
  • Fixed pearl/potion settings saving issues
  • Fixed chunk loading issues with low render distance
  • Fixed lava ticking damage
  • Turned off verbose in console as default for paper and spigot (Cleaned up console)
  • Turned off Player interaction limit, as spamming lava/water for build-uhc breaks
  • Only fire InventoryCloseEvent if inventory is open
  • Fixed EquipmentSetEvent being called in an invalid state
  • Improved RegionFile cache
  • Fix entities other than players throwing an error and despawning when they attack a player.
  • Migrate certain collections to FastUtil
  • Improve EventBus performance
  • Improve code quality by correctly assigning generics
  • Removed unused mojang code
  • Add a new malware to malware detection
  • Migrate log filter to a separate method
  • Fix TPS command memory calculation
  • Knockback is now based on the attacker's profile
  • Changed Float usages to Double in pearl/potion config

NOTE:  Use java 8 OR use -noverify in JVM arguments and turn off event bus optimization in configuration (OBF Relate)

3.4.5 Jan 26, 2023
Minor Update


  • Made ArmAnimationEvent toggleable in config because it helps with delays in pvp
  • Made pvp and hit detection smoother


  • Fixed straight bow boosting
  • Fixed all plugins (that used PlayerVelocityEvent) that didn't work
  • Fixed EquipmentSetEvent
  • Fixed hit & rod switch trick's damage ticks
  • Fixed double hit bug completely
  • Improved hit detection generally
  • Fixed ServerSidePlugin null pointer
  • Fixed "Open Inventory" acheivement and popup broken

3.4.4 Jan 11, 2023


  • Knockback profiles being reset on restart

3.4.3 Jan 8, 2023
Minor Update


  • An option called "improved-mouse-tracking" where original yaw values are used for players


  • Fixed Login Crashes
  • Completely re-did the knockback registry to improve plugin support
  • Applied an experimental fix to "double hit combo bug"
  • Fixed projectile kb not working on players
  • Fixed Citizens not working for strikepractice bots
  • Cleaned up code for commands
  • Debug changes

3.4.2 Dec 26, 2022


  • Added an option "alternative-hit-detection" to enable better server-side hit detection


  • Fixed server-side crash when connecting to the server with bungeecord on
  • OBF Related Issues for Knockback API (player#carbon knockback methods)

NOTE:  Use java 8 OR use -noverify in JVM arguments and turn off event bus optimization in configuration (OBF Related)

3.4.1 Dec 20, 2022


  • Fixed console spam from tab-completion
  • Fixed "Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()[]" not being a method
  • Fixed Knockback Profiles (Expert, Explicit) not having their values loaded

NOTE:  Use java 8 OR use -noverify in JVM arguments and turn off event bus optimization in configuration (OBF Related)

3.4 Dec 17, 2022
Major Update


  • Added back Expert knockback profile
  • Added new knockback type "Explicit"
  • Added MMC mode for Pearls


  • Fixed NPE in LoginListener while disconnecting
  • Fixed Citizens not working properly
  • Fixed performance issues with chunk loading
  • Fixed 1.7 random crashes
  • Fixed Entity Hider flickering with teleporting
  • Invalid direction while teleporting with KarhuAC on


  • Removed Async Chunk Generation & Loading
  • Removed Async Entity Tracking
  • Removed Parallel World Ticking

3.3 Nov 19, 2022
Major Update


  • Backported Async Chunk Generation and loading (Paper 1.13.2)
  • Backported EntityZapEvent
  • Added Async Entity Tracking (w/ Configuration)
  • Added Async World Ticking (w/ Configuration)
  • Added "expanded-ray-trace" option for better potion
  • Added "no-check-rogue-arm-swings" option for better hit detection
  • Added "fix-armor-damage" option to prevent too much damage with rod-switching trick


  • Fixed MethodProfiler leftovers causing NPEs
  • Fixed Null check for nms code
  • Fixed double hit bug (v69)
  • Fixed LogFilter not working properly
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in Chunk code
  • Cleaned up all disconnection messages in console
  • Fixed show-ip option not working properly for disconnectione errors
  • Restored OG carbon knockback system
  • Fixed Verus missing method
  • Fixed pearls and potions not saving properly
  • Fixed Typos in commands
  • Recoded Entity Tracker


  • Async-Checker configuration
  • Async Hit detection (Doesn't do anything, in ALL spigots that claim to have it)
  • Async Knockback detection (All other spigots have it placebo, actual async kb is just terrible)
  • An option to disable queue system of Network Manager (Terrible Idea)

Note: Use flag -noverify to add support for java 11 and higher. (Obfuscation related)

3.2.2 Oct 12, 2022


  • Reverted ChunkIO executor changes (added back chunki-io thread config)
  • Removed Async Knockback and Hit Detection (They didn't do much.)
  • Fixed Null Pointers for MethodProfiler missing
  • Fixed "Failed to handle Packet" errors
  • Fixed Double Hit Bug that was re-introduced in the previous version
  • Fixed LogFilter not working properly

3.2.1 Oct 2, 2022
Minor Update


  • AsyncTabCompleteEvent & made tab completion asynchronous
  • Backported 1.13+ Console with minecrell's TerminalConsoleAppender
  • Backported Support for default UTF-8, Colors and Async Tab Completion  for console
  • Backported Async Logging by Paper


  • Obfuscation issues with accessing Bukkit-API and NMS classes
  • Only apply knockback to players, not entities
  • Fixed Detailed's Y-limit and vertical knockback being funky
  • Fixed PluginsCommand formatting
  • Fixed Vulcan Anti-Cheat support
  • Fixed Default Plugin Command format option not working fully
  • Fixed PacketAPI not initialized
  • Fixed HamsterAPI support apparently? (Not entirely sure)
  • Optimize BlockBreakAnimation packet
  • Fix Chunk Unloading being laggy and slow because of wrong Data Structure

3.2 Sep 26, 2022
Major Update [Re-Upload]


  • Optimized Arm Swings (Configurable)
  • Added PacketFilter to prevent crashes and exploits (Configurable)
  • Added Custom Thread factory for Carbon
  • Added Custom Configuration API
  • Add an option to removing locking and queue system from network
  • Change Sets to LinkedList to optimize performance
  • Added /smh and /cry command as siblings to /shrug
  • 1.13 Backports of Paper's AuthLib, Netty, UserCache and Events (API)
  • 1.13 Backport of ServerListPingEvent and Network/Status Client
  • Added an option to Detailed called direction which moves player in direction of attacker
  • Added comments to all knockback profiles for documentation
  • Added configuration to change verison message
  • Added an option to toggle on default paper plugins message format


  • Rename method in RegionFileCache
  • Removing DeadLocks for DataWatcher
  • Recoded EventBus Optimizations and Added it back
  • Only enable chunk settings as default that don't have issues
  • Fixed Rounding calculation error for Position in EntityTracker (Thanks to JT For this)
  • Remove PacketPlayInPosition & PacketPlayInFlying being registered Async
  • Revert Guava update (Back to 18.0)
  • Fixed StackOverflow Error when doing player#setVelocity in PlayerVelocityEvent
  • Remove disguise API and its usages
  • Fix Verus reflection breaking due to field rename
  • Fixed Chat Component Exploit & make it configurable
  • Fixed Book Payload Exploits & make it configurable
  • Fixed PacketHandler sent packets method not doing anything
  • Update SnakeYML to fix DoS Exploit
  • Add warning for JDK-8 handles in config for event bus
  • Fixed Typos in Config comments
  • Fix bukkit using names instead of uuids for Metadata Store
  • Recoded Packet and Movement Handlers
  • Add warning for chunk concurrency in async-checker
  • Fixed Kohi KB Fix not working at all, breaking knockback
  • Improve and recode commands
  • Cleanup config and remove useless options
  • Fixed Pearls and Potion settings not saving
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException reported by LightSpark
  • Only allow carbon's kb packets async
  • Fixed KickSpam option not working
  • Mute PacketEvents unhandled stacktrace
  • Improve KeepAlive and send metada update to all players
  • Remove all MethodProfiler calls (Deprecated)
  • Fix ServerTickEvents not doing anything
  • Recoded Detailed Type's Y-Limit system
  • Remove ChunkIO configuration
  • Fixed BlockHitGlitch (Thanks JT)

Refer to our discord for KnockbackAPI related changes.

If you want to use java 11 and higher, add "-noverify" flag before "-jar" flag, its because of obfuscation issues.

3.1.1 Aug 21, 2022
Minor Update [Re-upload]


  • Removed ServerSideHitDetection
  • Removed EventBus optimizations
  • Renamed some options and configuration comments
  • Recoded All API related code.
  • Moved all API code to "api" package
  • Fixed Asynchronous Threads being placebo and not working since 2.0
  • Allow dual packets to be sent with the Kohi Knockback fix because it improves kb
  • Fixed Instant Respawn bugging out
  • Removed WorldSpawn directional spawning
  • Turned off Menus because they were unstable
  • Expert mode in detailed profile
  • Fixed type in exclusive
  • Fix detailed knockback calculation issues
  • Fixed MySQL Related errors
  • Reduced Jar size

Refer to our discord for KnockbackAPI related changes.

If you want to use java 11 and higher, add "-noverify" flag before "-jar" flag, its because of obfuscation issues.

3.1 Jul 28, 2022
Major Update


  • Added option to toggle expert type in detailed
  • Added Straight Explosion knockback (Experimental)
  • More Netty backports
  • Add a toggleable show-player-ips option for console
  • Better comments for config
  • Improved hit registration for laggy-player-hit-reg-fix
  • Ping Command with configuration


  • Fixed Detailed Knockback being mis-calculated
  • Fixed Netty related issues
  • Fixed Anti-Knockback for Snowball, Eggs etc.
  • Fixed Menus overriding issues
  • Fixed Exclusive Knockback Typo
  • Improved default configuartion to support plugins better
  • Karhu 2.1 incompatibilty problems (Rest are upto Johannes)
  • Fixed obfuscation related issues
  • Fixed Async-Threads being off-tick loop giving no hit detection
  • Fixed Netty Error on shutdown
  • Improved Eventbus null pointer exception handling
  • Fixed typos and theming issues
  • Fixed arrows randomly floating around
  • Chunk Optimizations (Async Chunk Checking etc. in Config)

If you want to use java 11 and higher, add "-noverify" flag before "-jar" flag, its because of obfuscation issues.


3.0 Jul 15, 2022
Major Update


  • Exclusive Knockback Profile
  • Optimized Event Bus (Thanks to StevieBeenz)
  • Optimized Region Cache (Thanks to StevieBeenz)
  • Built-in VoidWorld generator
  • Project Knockback Configurable (Explosion, Pearl, Rod, Bow)
  • Bow Boosting like MMC (Experimental, somtimes inconsistent)
  • Menus (Except settings menu) [Experimental]
  • Default values are now decent for pvp (Thanks to Dubai!)


  • Knockback handling Inconsistencies
  • Recoded knockback system
  • Changed how knockback files are saved
  • Changed knockback file name to "profiles.yml" (Old config should auto-migrate)
  • Chunk saving inconsistencies
  • Anticheat incompatibilty problems

If your server takes a bit of time to shutdown, don't worry its normal and was intended.

2.3.6 May 5, 2022
Hot Fix

  • World chunk saving
  • Weird knockback behavior for enchanted items

2.3.5 May 3, 2022
Hot Fix

Hot Fix (2.3.5) [This is a MUST USE update]

• Double hit bug (Hits turn into combo)
• Compatibility with projectile knockback plugins
• Fixed a fundamental flaw in how Kohi designed their knockback system

2.3.4 Apr 30, 2022
Hot Fix

Hot Fix (2.3.4)

• Added Async saving of Player Data
• Added Async saving of Persistent Collections
• Added Option to toggle Rod and Bow KB

• Double damage while hitting a player (happens randomly)
• NPE on void damage
• PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo changes

2.3.3 Apr 25, 2022
Hot Fix

     • Enderpearl Settings command

     • Fixed Pearl Settings not worked
     • Weird String errors
     • Maybe fixed void damage NPE?
     • Maybe fixed TPS command being gay

     • Java 8+ Support because reverted obfuscators (it was breaking too much shit)


2.3.2 Apr 23, 2022
Hot Fix

• Thread Names
• Better Java GC collector call (Reduces Memory Usage)
• TPS Command configuration
• Merged Threads into one called Combat Thread
• Change TPS 20* to 20 for 20 < i < 21
• Controlled Flushing of packets in NetworkManager
• Update Java Thread Affinity
• Yaw and Pitch to world#setSpawnLocation for better directional spawning

• Removed Bow Straight KB
• Rod KB throwing erorrs in console
• TPS Command format
• Removed Config for entity-explode-event because its useless
• Being stuck on loading terrain
• Thread usages in NetworkManager preventing packet queue
• Paper server-icon.png Byte Buff lock release

• Asynchronous Potions
• Asynchronous Entity Tracking (Toggle-able)
• Asynchronous World Tracking (Toggle-able)
• Auto-Update system
• Custom Threading System
• FastMath usage in all instances
• Asynchronous PathFinding
• Exclusive Knockback Type

2.3.1 Apr 21, 2022
Hot Fix

     • Asynchronous Chunk loading API

     • Bow Straight Arrow knockback (Maybe?)
     • Pre-Loading Chunk issue
     • Typo in Carbon Help message
     • Limit for aliases in yml files (Bumped to 1024)
     • Java 8+ Support (Fixed obfuscation issues)

    • Asynchronous Potions
    • Asynchronous Entity Tracking (Toggle-able)
    • Asynchronous World Tracking (Toggle-able)
    • Auto-Update system
    • Custom Threading System
    • FastMath usage in all instances
    • Asynchronous PathFinding
    • Exclusive Knockback Type

2.3 Apr 17, 2022
Major Update

     • Custom Disguise System (w/API)
     • Chunk Optimizations with FastUtil
     • Enderpearl System with Anti-Enderpearl Glitch
     • Straight Bow Boost Knockback
     • Rodding Speed multiplier (Smooth Rodding like Lunar or MMC)
     • Added OBF Helpers to ServerConnection
     • Cleaner console output in NetworkManager
     • Added LogFilter (configurable)
     • Added Better World Entity ticking list
     • Added Instant Respawn
     • PlayerHealthChangeEvent
     • Added update notice to ProtocolLib and Citizens
     • Chunk Patches
     • Adaptive Chunk GC

     • StrikePractice Bot incompatibility
     • A logic bug with Entity Hider which would break spectating
     • SlimeWorldManager class cast exceptions
     • Chunk Memory Leaks
     • ServerConnection lag (Faster Login times)
     • NullPointerException exploits on Login
     • Creatures spawning in unloaded chunks
     • Book Exploits and Crashes
     • All dependency security issues
     • Double I/O operation on Player files
     • Anti-Xray spamming console
     • TinyProtocol compatibility errors
     • ProtocolLib injection errors
     • Retrooper's Packet Events
     • Fixed Mysql Errors
     • Reduced JAR Size
     • Fixed static instance
     • Fixed a major bug with remapping for developers

    • Asynchronous Potions
    • Asynchronous Entity Tracking (Toggle-able)
    • Asynchronous World Tracking (Toggle-able)
    • Auto-Update system
    • Custom Threading System
    • FastMath usage in all instances
    • Asynchronous PathFinding
    • Exclusive Knockback Type

Disguise Usage (This might or might not be broke, I didn't test last minute changes)
    player.carbon().disguise(String name) - Disguise the player using a name, will       auto fetch the skin.
    player.carbon().undisguise() - Undisguise the player if they are disguised
    player.isDisguised() - Returns true if the player is disguised
    player.getDisguisedName() - Returns the disguise name
    player.getDisguisedProfile() - Returns the disguise GameProfile 
    • /carbon disguise <name> - carbon.disguise
    • /carbon undisguise - carbon.disguise

I recommend recreating your  `carbon.yml` configuration because some options have been added and removed.

2.2 Apr 4, 2022
Major Update

    • 1.8.8 PotPvP support _(Intermediate Java Developers can easily convert PotPvP to 1.8 now)_
    • Velocity Natives (Paper) Packet Compression and Encryption/Decryption
    • Made BetterKeepAlive handling toggle-able
    • Updated Netty to 4.1.72 Final. (Can break bad anti-cheats)
    • Java 8 - 18 support
    • Ported mSpigot's (Hylist) chunk optimizations _(PlayerChunkMap, PaddingChunks etc.)_
    • Added FastUtil Library usage for Chunk caches
    • Added FastUUID Library usage for all UUID instances
    • Ability to edit Version Command
    • Spam Disconnect toggle-able
    • Updated all libraries to latest version

    • Tick Loop causing lag _(Now stable 20 TPS)_
    • Null Pointers in Knockback System
    • Attack Hits turning into combo mode automatically
    • EntityTracker already tracked Console Spam
    • NMS incompatibilities with Frost and Citizens
    • Enderpearl Suffocation in blocks
    • Command Configuration not linked
    • Log4J RCE Exploit _(Previously Semi-Fixed)_

    • Better support for StrikePractice bots
    • Asynchronous Potions
    • Asynchronous Entity Tracking _(Toggle-able)_
    • Auto-Update system
    • Custom Threading System (Maybe?)
    • FastMath usage in all instances
    • Asynchronous PathFinding
    • Exclusive Knockback Type

Please use the LATEST version of Protocol Lib and Citizens with CarbonSpigot. The Java > 8 support is currently broken from obfuscation, I will try and fix this soon enough.

2.1 Feb 21, 2022
Major Update
  • [/] Redid the whole CarbonSpigot code structure from scratch
  • [/] Now utilized patches to make bug fixes easier
  • [/] Fixed Performance Issues
  • [+] Chunk Snapshots (MineHQ)
  • [/] Better KeepAlive Frequency (Helps knockback and hits)
  • [/] Made Enderpearl Glitch Patch better
  • [/] Fixed EntityHider issues (Hopefully?)
  • [/] Fixed configuration issues
  • [+] Server Sided Hit Detection to help with laggy Asian players (Toggle-able)
  • [-] Removed Menus

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