Chalkantite -  for Minecraft Java, works from version 1.14 up to the latest (works on versions 1.8-1.13 after proper customization). The downloaded resource contains only resourcepack. Textures can be used with ItemsAdder, Oraxen and other plugins that allow you to add new items. This resource does not contain configuration for these plugins. 

How to get the model:

  • Place the downloaded resource in your resourcepack folder which you will find in .minecraft, then launch the game and use the commands below. You only download the resourcepack with the textures, this does not include any configuration. 

Commands and CustomModelData:

  • Chalkantite  sword - /give NICK diamond_sword{CustomModelData:3} 
  • Chalkantite  pickaxe- /give NICK diamond_pickaxe{CustomModelData:3} 
  • Chalkantite  axe - /give NICK diamond_axe{CustomModelData:3} 
  • Chalkantite  shovel - /give NICK diamond_shovel{CustomModelData:3} 
  • Chalkantite  hoe - /give NICK diamond_hoe{CustomModelData:3} 
  • Chalkantite mineral - /give NICK paper{CustomModelData:7} 
  • Chalkantite  block - /give NICK paper{CustomModelData:8} 
  • Chalkantite  ore - /give NICK paper{CustomModelData:9} 

For blocks to work in basic minecraft you must place them in an item frame

if the command does not work use /minecraft:give


  • New sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe
  • New block
  • New ore
  • Resourcepack