1.7.0 Jul 8, 2020
V1.7.0 => 1.16.1 support + new config options

Added: Added support for 1.16.1! You can now use 1.16 blocks/sound and much more in your races. Make sure to update your langutils jar, if you use translation, to the 1.16 jar from the description!

Added: Changed layout of reward commands, you can now run multiple commands when someone wins. Make sure to match the screen below to avoid errors.

Added: You can now disable players from participating in races in certain worlds.

Added: You can block players from participating in races when they are in creative mode.

Added: you can now use <rawname> to display the username of users without prefixes/displaynames in messages. Only available in the messages that support the <player> placeholder.

Added: You can now play a sound when a race begins/ends! There is also an option to disable this feature.

Added: You can now leave the "no-race-running" message empty to disable this message. Do not remove the entry from the config!

Make sure to add the following settings to your config.yml! If you're having issues, feel free to join the discord for support.

Feel free to leave suggestions for new features!

1.6.1 Jun 13, 2020