2.0.1 Dec 10, 2021
Commands Hotfix

2.0.0 Dec 10, 2021
New checks, improved configuration and more
In this update there were many changes that will break backward compatibility with previous versions

- Migrated to Configurate configuration lib
- Migrated to HOCON config format (.conf)
- Add coverage test to checks
- Fixed error on main command execution without arguments
- Improved configuration with some comments
- Fixed Flood Check
- Added Caps check
- Multi replace violations on Regular, Flood and Caps infractions
- Added reload command
- Bump dependencies
- Improve performance on some listeners
- Reduced method redundancy
- Change licence to GPL3

1.5.0 Nov 27, 2021
Implement Control Type and Unicode blocker
- Implement Control Type
Now instead of completely blocking the offending message, the infraction message will simply be censored. To activate this, set replace in the flood.control-type or infractions.control-type options

- Unicode Blocker [Beta]
Now you can block uncommon unicode characters

1.4.0 Oct 16, 2021
Fixes, new checks, commands, and more
In this update there are several changes to the plugin operation, I recommend you check https://github.com/4drian3d/ChatRegulator/wiki for more information.

+ New Commands

Help Command
The /chatregulator help commands have been added along with their subcommands.
When executing the command, it will give you a guide with the functions of the commands available in the plugin.

Clear Command
The /chatregulator clear <server|player> <argument> command has been added with which you can clear the chat of any player, server or your entire network.

+ New Check

Command Blacklist Check
A new check for blocked commands has been added, now you can block the commands you don't want to be executed in the blacklist.yml file.

+ New Messages Configuration

Now messages can be configured in a separate file (messages.yml) from the main configuration.

+ Fixes

Fixed compatibility with java versions 11-15
Fixed a formatting bug when entering commands without arguments. #7 Removed the formatting of commands due to the fact that there can be an infinite number of argument types and problems as a result.

1.3.0 Oct 9, 2021
Added formatter
- Fix some bugs
- Added message formatter. This will change the first letter to uppercase and add a dot to the final of the string

1.2.1 Oct 7, 2021
Fix plugin startup

1.2.0 Oct 7, 2021
Added a new configuration path and improved the code
- Completely deactivate a module
You can now completely deactivate a module from the configuration of each module.

- Improved code
Thanks to Espryth with its pull request #1 the code responsible for chat and command detections has been improved, making it more readable and less repetitive.

- User deletion according to the time configured
Now users who are not online for a certain period of time will be removed from memory, deleting their statistics and penalties from the plugin. This time can be configured.

1.1.0 Oct 6, 2021