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  • With bars variations
    • HP Bar
    • Food Bar
    • Armor Bar
    • Oxygen Bar
    • Exp Bar


Top Left



  • Include information for player
    • Hour in his world
    • Money
    • Coordinates


About this product

This product is a hotbar pack, it is made for users to get more immersed in your server, with a more this christmas event, it can help you a lot with servers and events giving to players Christmas vibes.


How I can use it? 

This product is easy to find something to use it on, for example:

  • You could use it for this Christmas, to give players more immersion this holiday season.
  • You could use it as a way to decorate the player experience, and be able to decorate your server or event in a Christmas style, and give them a little seasonal vibe.







To install the product:


 you must do is close your server

 you must import all the necessary files, to the plugins folder

 Open the server and restart your texture pack ( Using or /iazip or /o reload all )



Then for apply the hotbar you will have to use:

• /happyhud layout <player> add christmas-background

• /happyhud layout <player> add christmas-layouts

• /happyhud layout <player> add christmas-top-left



This resource contains configuration for:



• Configuration for ItemsAdder

• Configuration for Oraxen

• Configuration for Happyhud



This resource needs for work Happyhud and ItemsAdder Oraxen
( Anyways it can work without Itemsadder or Oraxen, can work as vanilla rp )



Remember always we are free to sopport your problems or questions on our