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Hello, I present to you resourcepack with Christmas Tools. The model is compatible with versions 1.12-1.18.

How to get the model:
  1. Pickaxe:
    /give NICK diamond_pickaxe{CustomModelData:1}
  2. Axe
    /give NICK diamond_axe{CustomModelData:1}
  3. Hoe
    /give NICK diamond_hoe{CustomModelData:1}
  4. Shovel
    /give NICK diamond_shovel{CustomModelData:1}
  5. Sword
    /give NICK diamond_sword{CustomModelData:1}
  6. Shield
    /give NICK shield{CustomModelData:3}

if the command does not work use /minecraft:give

Contact:If you have any problems or are interested in cooperation, please write on my discord

My website:
  • www.sebxter.pl

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