[img] tagA simple plugin that deletes chunks that have not been modified.

How does this plugin work?

ChunkCuller works by listening to newly created chunks, and checks if any changes were made in that chunk before saving it. If there has not been any changes made to the chunk, the chunk will be deleted from the world after the server shuts down.

The change in filesize depends on how many chunks are removed per region (each region stores 32x32 chunks). However, the filesizes should be anywhere between 30% and 70% smaller than they were originally.

Note that this only affects newly generated chunks to make sure your world is safe. If you would like to unload chunks that were generated before this plugin was installed, you would need to use the Chunk-Culler-Wand to select the chunks.

  • /ChunkCuller markChunkToCull <world> <x> <z> :
    • Marks the chunk X/Z to be removed on shutdown.
  • /ChunkCuller giveWand <player>:
    • Gives the player a Chunk Culler Wand
  • /ChunkCuller giveChunkMap <player>:
    • Gives the player a Chunk Culler Map for detecting chunks to cull

  • chunkculler.giveWand
    • Lets the player use the /chunkculler giveWand command
  • chunkculler.useWand
    • Lets the player use the wand
  • chunkculler.markChunkToCull
    • Lets the player use the command to mark chunks to be removed.

  • Will this break or delete my world?
    • ChunkCuller is built to make sure that only chunks that have not been touched will be deleted. All chunks previously created and all chunks that have had any changes made in them will be saved. However, if you wish to delete those chunks, you can use the Chunk Culler Wand to select which chunks should be removed. However, it is always good to backup your server regularly.
  • How much memory is saved using this plugin?
    • The actual percent differs depending on how many chunks are saved and what blocks are in that chunk. However, based on testing, the difference should be a reduction in size between 5% and 95%. While testing the plugin, ChunkCuller was able to a world that would have been 450MB down to 100MB
  • What happens if the server crashes?
    • If the server crashes, ChunkCuller will not attempt to delete any of the chunks generated during this time. The world sizes will return to their original sizes, and those chunks will be saved. This is done to prevent any corruption issues from occurring.
  • Can specific chunks be saved even if no changes have occured?
    • If you want to save specific chunks, in case you need to update the server or don't want to regenerate the chunk each time the world loads, you can use the Chunk Culler Wand to deselect the chunks from being deleted.

Have an issue with the plugin? Contact me on Discord (Server on profile page.)[img] tag