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Have you always wanted to play a roleplay similar to gta 5 in minecraft? But you don't have the patience or the knowledge to do it?
Don't worry minecity is your solution.

Time spent: 8 Months
Contact me on discord: Wesley#5411

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  • Roleplay Chat (ooc, ic) Global and local
  • Roleplay Characther (Name, Age, Description)
  • Server Tutorial With Cinematics and interactive npcs
  • Vehicles (Cars, Boats and Planes) 
  • Realistic Jobs 4 (Truck Driver, Bus Driver, Miner, And Fisher)
  • Guns (More than 10 Guns)
  • Apartments (Can be decorated by every user)
  • Phone
  • Bank
  • Drugs
  • More than 10 Shops(Ammunation, Decoration Store For Apartments, CarDealership, Gas Station)
  • Police (With a wanted system)
  • Robbery System (Bank and 3 shops can be robbed)
  • Houses
  • Gangs
  • Custom plugins and scripts.
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Images on Imgur

Youtube Video (Quick Tutorial About Most Important Features)

Bus Driver Job

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Quality Armory Vehicles https://polymart.org/resource/qualityarmory-vehicles.11
Miniboard Games https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/board-games-gui-map-games-27-games-stats-tops-records-1-8-1-16.30066/

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Contact me on discord if you are interested in this setup

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Credits for the map https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mattufin/