1.5.0 Aug 17, 2023
The tether update (Name change + more to come).

The plugin is transitioning into being called Tether, it will no longer be called clans. By update 2.0 most of the backend should be fully converted, as of now the base folder will be renamed automatically for you so no need to worry about any extra installation steps for this update, it should be a smooth transition.


  • Transitioned from maven to gradle
  • Made the help book customizable
  • Made simple clan info customizable
  • Fixed library problems by updating internal laby shade
  • Added ability to upload & purchase unique player heads for usage.
  • Added /cla debug console command to debug all clans simultaneously and post results to a hastebin link.

1.4.1 Sep 6, 2022
Deployment and language update.
  • A spanish translation has been turned in and is now available.
  • Some loading procedures were accidently blocked durring debugging a while back and they are now unblocked (allowing for stuff like the roster selection screens to cache).
  • Fixed roster selection gui's not doing anything.
  • Reloading of everything was made more fluent when converting translations.

    Pair this update with the new labyrinth 1.8.1 update to get rid of those pesky warning messages in console when using GUI! Totally optional as being on at least 1.8.0 means functions will work just the same.

1.4.0 Sep 4, 2022
Reservoir Update.
This update requires the new labyrinth migration update [1.8.0+]
  • Fixed bug with main menu only caching one instance.
  • Added new raid-shield modes
  • Added new configurable max power amount
  • Removed deep-edit option in exchange for gui toggle option
  • Updated to panther/labyrinth
  • Fixed dynmap addon renaming command to /c globe (has automatic detection)
  • Added ability to toggle use of world whitelist.
  • Added level adjustment section allowing the configuration of power/claim gains and deductions
  • Added / Finished reservoir feature.
  • Added api ability to send money to clans (ClanBank)
  • Fixed (possibly new) bug with claim bucket interaction.
  • Fixed bug with clan logo placement.
  • Fixed bug with claim saving making usage of /c unclaim all buggy.
  • Added plugin dependency load after option for clan addon abstraction.
  • Fixed bug with claim building/breaking and raiding.
  • Added configurable max war amount.
  • Replaced ask a question gui with a configurable book.
  • Fixed missing invite section in messages.yml file.