(This is my first resource, sorry for the lack in presentation)
(If any words seem mis-spelt, it is because I am Aussie :>)


To begin with, this plugin has been used SOLELY on my HCF/Kitmap servers, and has been in the works for well over a few months now, despite the plugin being a Pearl Plugin, which could be created in just a few hours. I have decided to release CleanPearls to the public, due to the fact many, many servers, even the bigger servers, have had many, many issues creating pearling through slabs/stairs, by issues I mean causing pearl glitching. This plugin is here to stop all the pearl glitching, as well as provide a stable pearling experience. You are able to pearl-through stairs, slabs and open fencegates WITHOUT glitching (or at least I hope :>)

Clean Pearls is a unique plugin which allows players to be able to pearl through slabs, staircases as well as being able to right-click an open fencegate to pearl through it (although, the pearl-thru gates was only tested on a pearl-through spigot, this plugin just enchanced it). As stated in the Beta release, I said I was going to add an Anti-Pearl Glitch feature to this plugin, and I have.


What differentiates this plugin to other pearl-glitch plugins?
Clean Pearls is unique, it isn't some simple 30-lined code stopping a user from getting teleported inside a block, it has multiple methods to check if the enderpearl is safe or not. Check the "ANTI-PEARL GLITCH" spoiler below for short-videos of the pearl-glitch taking place.

Can you disable certain features (pearl glitching, slab-pearls, fencegate pearls, stair pearls etc)?
You can, the config is flexible and gives you the option to disable certain features, you can check the "Config" spoiler below to see what you can change. If theres something else you would like me to add to the config, feel free to let me know.

What versions will this run on?
This has been tested on 1.7.10 and 1.8.8, although, the methods should work for any version, although has not been tested.

How do I receive my HWID/License key after I purchased?
All you need to do is send me a private message on Mc-market with proof of your purchase, and I will then create a HWID for you, and all you need to do is place that HWID key in the config, then the plugin will load up :>

Can I change the pearl-glitch message?
You can, it's set in the Config.yml file

Is this a fork/decompiled?
It is not a fork, it has been made from scratch, and I have been using it on my server for quite some time, works with over 175+ people and doesn't cause any lag what-so-ever.

Proof this is yours?
Check the "Code Snippets" spoiler below.

What are the Terms of Service?
You can scroll down and check the "ToS" spoiler, which states the current Terms of Service.

If you have any further questions, any issues with this plugin or anything you would like to be added to this plugin, feel free to message me on here through Private Messages, or through discord (would strongly recommend through MC-MARKET as I get flooded on Discord) @zTold#3323 .