Features List:
Disclaimer: Please consult the wiki for commands, permissions, etc.
To run this plugin, your server needs to have ClearLag installed!

View the default config file here!
View the default messages file here!

• Makes ClearLag more customizable

- Define custom commands for your players to check when the next entity clear happens
- Display custom chat/actionbar messages at specified intervals (e.g display an actionbar 5 seconds before clear)
- Play custom sounds at specified intervals (e.g play a happy villager sound 5 seconds before clear)
- Run configurable commands after an entity clear has happened

• Quality of Life Features
- Fully customizable placeholders (PlaceholderAPI & MVDW)
- Fully customizable messages, actionbars, titles and sounds for every scenario (RGB for 1.16+)

• General Quality
- Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates
- Works on versions throughout 1.8 - latest
- Frequent updates & fixes & support