Build 30a 3 days ago
UPDATE: Build 30a
NOTE: Please read the update notes so that you are aware of all the changes. This update overhauls some systems therefore a configuration reset is required.

Fix: Formatted values sometimes having extra spaces at the end.

Addition: 1.17 support.
Addition: Separate configuration file for sounds & messages, each command and event now has their own sound, message section. You can also fully customize sounds (volume, pitch) and messages as well (chat, actionbar, title).
Addition: Clickable wiki link in the plugin's menu.
Addition: Use any PAPI placeholders in UAR's messages.
Addition: Customizable message for entity clear.
Addition: New command /clearlagtimer help, to view commands which can be useful for admins (clt.admin).

Change: Removed clt.soundalert permission, as it's obsolete.

Build 30 May 6, 2021
UPDATE: Build 30
Note: As this update overhauls many configuration sections, please delete your old configuration before updating.

Fix: Unknown command spam in console even if no commands were specified to run after entity clear.
Addition: Completely overhauled the sounds section, you can now also define custom volumes and pitches.
Addition: Completely overhauled the messages section, you now have more freedom when it comes to editing ClearLagTimer's messages.
Addition: You can now specify custom chat messages/actionbars to show at specified intervals.

Build 29 Apr 7, 2021