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Update CMILib, few changes relating to GUI handling have been pushed out which will be needed for new features
Fix for rare error when checking player information who is located in unloaded world
Removed glass panes from home GUI icon list when we don't have any preset material and we just randomize some of them. This eliminates issue when its hard to notice home icon when it is glass pane and its connected with next new features.
Added new specialized command as closeinv! which well, closes player inventory. This doesn't have any special conditions relating to it, it will only attempt to close players open inventory if there is one open currently
Small update for bed interaction and home auto registration which now should properly update each time you interact with new bed even if its nearby old saved location
Moved Homes configuration section from config.yml file into Settings/Homes.yml file. This is one of the first transition we will perform to split up features and related config options into specific files for better management. Process should be automatic and should carry over your previous setup without reseting it.
Changed default bedhome name from "Home" to "BedHome" to have better separation between those and avoid one overriding another. You might consider updating those values manually if you have old config file.

Rework for Home GUI which now defaults to complex type one. You can always return to old plain if you wish. Now home gui will be in maximized 6 line size. By default it will have 10 empty center spaces for homes. Can be expanded to 27 if needed. Additional buttons have been added for your convenience if you want to have better integration with other plugins utilizing GUI system.
Information button which is disabled by default will be located on top left corner which can be used to display information in chat or perform any other function you want.
Top right corner reserved for close button, even tho its function can be changed as by default its only utilizes previously mentioned closeinv! specialized command to simply close inventory when you click it.
Top middle 3 buttons are reserved for bed home, home and death location icons. Bed home is one created by interacting with bed with auto bed home creation feature enabled, it will not show world bed respawn location. Home location is bed location with default home location which usually gets created if you create home location without providing its name. Death location is the same as it would be by using /dback command, for this to appear you need access to /dback command
All extra buttons can be turned off if you don't want to show them. All are clickable and will perform appropriate commands and you can customize icons for all of them.
Keep in mind that setting home slots will still work as before, but due to smaller footprint those might be scattered in unpredictable way until you update their slot positions.
Added option to middle click on home location to change its icon. You do need to have cmi.command.sethome.iconpicker permission node to see and use this option.
Now home GUI will use defined home and bed home icons if you dint specified material for those locations. 5 days ago
Added basic option to define home amount limitations by worlds and option to group few of those into one group. Disabled by default and can be bypassed with cmi.command.sethome.bypasslimit permission node. This by itself allows you to define how many homes player can have in specific world. It wont effect existing homes
Small fix for baltop rare error message
Small optimization for baltop command
Added option to shift click while scavenging items to scavenge entire stack in one go instead doing this one item at the time
Added option to define player head drop lore. Keep in mind that lore will only remain until you place it on ground. Due to minecraft limitations we cant maintain lore for placed blocks without introducing heavy block tracking mechanic.
Small fix for player head drop chance incorrect calculation
Fix for issue when players used space after / in commands which caused some issues. Now we will prevent this invalid command usage
Potential fix for continuation of random bug where player would be counted as being in god mode when he wasn't
Small fix for totem auto usage from your inventory to prevent death which some times could have still killed you Oct 4, 2021
Added new option for chat command which allows you to see messages sent in those channels you chose while not being part of it. You will need to have permission node to have this option.
New sub command as /chat see [chatRoomName] which will allow player to see messages sent in this chat room. Special prefix will be added to indicate that you are not part of this chat room and only see sent messages
New sub command as /chat unsee [chatRoomName] more or less self explanatory
Now /chat listrooms will include (if you have special symbol at end which allows to start/stop observing messages in that room by simply clicking on it while at same time it will indicate which room you are observing.
New permission which allows you to observe chat rooms which are private
Now we will exclude vanished players from chat room player lists in chat rooms.
Small change to /sit command which now should not produce one tick armor stand appearance when you sit. Cleaner look.
Fix for /launch not accepting power values between 4 and 5 like 4.3
Fix for search command when trying to determine god mode of invalid player data
New locale line for /kitopen command to be used in GUI title
Fix for blockinfo command derping out with latest version Sep 28, 2021
Fix for baltop with fake accounts
Fix for nameplate command not resetting player name color to white when you use -c: variable without any color
Added extra variable for /nameplate as reset which will replace -pref: -suf: -c: which would have rest players name plate information
Now using simple /nameplate command without any variables or proving players name will output the current player's nameplate. Due to this change new you need cmi.command.nameplate.admin permission node to actually edit nameplates
Small fix for /baltop causing an error message to appear in some specific situations
Fix for afk mode being disabled on a failed fishing event which allowed players to remain inactive state while not doing anything
Fix for error when using bungee server
Added new option for /vanishedit which allows you to always join in vanish mode even if you turned it off before reloging. Disabled by default
Fix for error when we have improperly initialized worlds which doesn't have an environment set to them
Added some limitations in how often you can interact with interactable entities. This is mainly to prevent abuse by using hacks to trigger it more often than it should be. This won't affect regular players.
Added option to disable server switch messages when you have bungee network with CMIB on it Sep 27, 2021
Quick fix relating to complex placeholders returning same value. Especially visible in holograms if you have bal top. Sep 24, 2021
Some temporary change(?) for riptide with elytra handling in 1.17 servers due to change in how minecraft handles this thing. As we no longer can actually prevent trident usage, for time being we will cut down player velocity before he tries to use riptide, it doesn't resolve issue but it atleast prevents from players breaking sound barrier by using it. This is an optional feature and it is disabled by default, would recommend to enable it tho as player have no speed limitations while gliding with elytra and using trident with riptide enchant during rain.
New placeholder as %cmi_user_kit_available% which will return a number of kits you can still take. Due to optimization this only updates once every 5 seconds, so if you have any plugin trying to call it multiple times in a second it will return same value.
Introduced some major optimization for placeholder translations, this is especially relevant when we need to translate same placeholder for same player multiple times in same tick for one or another reason. This should not effect animations or anything relating to some crazy update rates, but will help out in case we have weird request to translate same placeholder few times in a row. If any issues arise due to this change, let me know. Some placeholders are excluded from this, mainly relating to randomized outcomes like %cmi_random_[from]_[to]% which is fine as those are light weight anyways
Added better support for bungeeservers in the sense that now we can show custom messages when player switch servers to and from it. This will only works after you update CMIB plugin and only applies when you have custom login/logout messages enabled. New locale lines got added to CMI locale file
Updating CMIB plugin will properly take player out of afk mode if he uses bungee only commands which previously would have been ignored
Fix for the player name tag in chat misbehaving when having hex color code for entire message and player doesn't have access to that color Sep 20, 2021
Now you can provide a custom header (comment section) for custom alias files, this means that you can modify the existing commented header for every custom alias file except customAlias.yml, which will keep the default one to provide basic information.
Added /trash for /cmi dispose command as possible default alias. Disabled by default.
Fix for heal command with defined heal amount over 200
Fix for items from kits disappearing in case you have kits set to not drop items if inventory is full. Now we will inform the player about not enough space to get this kit
New placeholder as %cmi_user_backloc% which will show location for /back command
Fix for clickable holograms in 1.12.2 servers causing some errors
Fixing issue with night speed up not properly calculating total player count needed for sleep checkup
Fix for /openbook in 1.8.8 servers not working
Fixing scan purge feature on unloaded chunks Sep 11, 2021
Fix for introduced error with latest build relating to older servers and checking players food levels
Small fix when it comes to MVdWPlaceholderAPI failing to process named hex color codes which are made of 6 letters
/Clear command update. As of this version we can now remove item not only based on material but by name and/or lore. This will use completely new system to define item which will be rolled out for other system in near future to centralize and unify item definitions. Basic usage example /cmi clear book-2;name{Test_Name};lore{&2Line_1\n&fLine_2_with_underscore_like__} main thing to keep in mind that it cant contain spaces, so its a one "word" thing. Spaces are defined with underscore like _ while in case you need underscore then use double like __, this is same format as used in other places. Name and lore are optional and those get separated with ; while actual variable enclosed with {} as shown in example. Lore multiple lines can be defined with \n. For this command in particular you will need to provide exact color format, tho this can be debatable and we could add option (or do by default) to ignore colors and only check text. Sep 10, 2021
Fix for error on fresh or secondary server startup with latest build.
Small adjustment for previous custom alias update trying to read all files in specific directory, now its only try to read .yml type files. Even tho previous version would simply fail to be process and would have skipped those anyways, but we should limit this to specific files to avoid any potential issues later on.
Some adjustment for /anvil handling for paper type servers
New command as /cartographytable, only works on paper type servers
New command as /grindstone, only works on paper type servers
New command as /loom, only works on paper type servers
New command as /smithingtable, only works on paper type servers
New command as /stonecutter, only works on paper type servers
Added option to send temporary mail with /cmi mail sendtemp [playerName] [timeRange] [message] where time range uses generic format like 5d for 5 days or 1w3d6h10m would be 1 week 3 days 6 hours and 10 minutes.
Additional hover over message line will appear near your mail list indicating when it will expire. This ether shows global expiration time or time defined in sendtemp sub command
Added option to vanishedit to be excluded from sleep count. So while you are in vanish you wont be counted into needed player amount for night to be skipped
Fix for error while trying to use %cmi_lastrandom_[playerName]% in specialized commands while player doesn't have recorded last random number on his name
Small adjustments for /rt command to be more friendly with custom worlds which would tend to load after CMI and become excluded from possible world list Sep 9, 2021
Added appropriate attached command editor ingame. Uses same general list editor where you can add, remove, switch places or modify existing commands. Basic trigger of this is by using /cmi attachcommand
Fixing issue with shulkerbackpack stopping your inventory updating contents after you close backpack until you click inside inventory. This is minecraft bug which caused this issue, but for time being we should have some what work around for this one.
Fixing small issue for ctext when trying to use another player as source for placeholder translation
Fixing %cmi_worthc_sell_[material]% returning value for buy and not sell
Added playerBan into eventCommand file
Fixing error when trying to jail invalid player
Fixing issue where tpawarmup particle would still appear even if you disabled them in config by setting to ''
Some improvements on hologram API to allow method trigger instead of being forced to use commands which is not ideal in some use case scenarios. Usage
CMIHologram h = new CMIHologram(String, Location) {
public void onInteraction(Player player, CMIInteractType type) {

Updated existing github API with newest plugin structure as it was quite outdated when we switched to 9.x version
Fix for double output when adding custom tabcompletes to custom alias
CustomAlias.yml got moved into CustomAlias directory. Backup file will be saved into CMILib backupFiles directory, just in case. Now any file in this directory will be used to read your custom alias files so you can have multiple of them for different behaviors. Just to have better way to manage dozens of them.
Some changes for ingame editor for custom alias to fit in new variable. This leads to few of locale lines getting hard reset.
Added new option to define custom alias file name where it needs to be saved. With this you can organize your setup more properly and separate universal alias from more unique ones which can allow simpler sharing between servers or users. By default it will be placed inside CustomAlias file.
Fixing issue where tfly and flightcharge would have been disabled in case you died. Now it should remain enabled properly.
Fix for not being able to replenish hunger while you have been in god mode
Fixing stats placeholder when we are checking placed block count
Fixing issue with sell hand command Sep 2, 2021
Fix for ignore command and numeric names
Added /bc as possible alias for /cmi broadcast command. Disabled by default
Added CMIPlayerKickEvent with option to cancel. Fires only for /kick and specialized command kickall! will not fire for actions like ban, even tho its triggering kick action too, but we have event for that one already
Fixing issue with chat format not allowing % as a plain text
Some adjustments in player balance saving to allow huge numbers, and i mean, huuuuuuge ones.
Fix for launch command not sending player to defined location. Now it should be more or less working, still not 100% accurate and does have max range it could send player, but atleast its sending to correct direction.
Increased launch power from 4 to 12. Keep in mind that past 4 we will use different system to send player to specific direction so it might not behave exactly same as with lower power values, but atleast you can send player across map. Just FYI previous p:5 value acted in same way as p:4, so in sense we always had max launch power of 4. So now its tripled.
noGodDamage and noGodDamageInform from combat section got moved under player category specifically as this only applies for the PvP actions
Added noGodDamage and noGodDamageInform config options for pve combat. Update CMILib to update locale file with new entries for feedback message
New permission node as cmi.pve.godBypass to bypass mob damage prevention while you are in god mode
Added a way to modify ranklist hover over message
Small fix for fixchunk creating error in case we failed to determine files we need to check
Added extra variable for itemframe command as All, which will flip all of the sub commands. Keep in mind that this flips to opposite state for each options and doesn't set every option to specific one state, which means that you can have invulnerable and visible frame which will become vulnerable but invisible. But with this you can quickly change generic item frame into invisible, invulnerable and locked one and back to normal one without need to perform all of those commands to adjust item frame to your liking
Adjustments for custom alias tab completes when you are using it on another already existing command from another plugin. Now you can completely override tabcompletes or optionally add to existing ones. So now you can not only change entire behavior of existing command or add additional one to already existing one with new extra tab completes. Added extra option to toggle this behavior in alias editor ingame. Aug 25, 2021
Fix for sethome confirmation not proceeded as expected
Change for portal area handling. Now we should properly process multiple portals being located in a single place. Keep in mind that we will use first portal which matches requirements, this means that in case you have 3 portals which simply teleports player to specific location we will only trigger one of those portals, this doesn't mean that we will randomize them, we will always pick first match which will produce consistent outcome
Added option to enable safe zone damage while you are in combat mode. This should allow you to damage players when they run away into safe zone for most area protection plugins, might still be issue with some, if you notice any of that, please let me know. Feature is disabled by default.
Fixing issue where holograms would only update for single player if there are more than one of them near it
Now while performing /cmi reload we will reload CMILib config and locale file just to avoid confusion why something dint updated properly
Small change for /cmi user meta [playerName] increment [value] in case you dint provided + to indicate that value needs to be added, we will default to this behavior
Small fix for usermeta when adding fractions and we have weird results
Partially returned /blockcycling command functionality for 1.13+ servers. Not all blocks might be supported and most of them will not work in backwards cycling mode, but atleast there is one now and you can play around with it. Some funky stuff can be observed while cycling stone walls.
Fix for /staffmsg command not processing placeholders if it was sent from console
Small change for /tptoggle feedback message to be more obvious what it does. This will not have effect on existing locale files but only on new installations.
Fix for issue with anvil usage to colorize items on older server versions
Fixing issue with elevators not working above nether roof
Enabled option to use spaces in kit display name option while using ingame editor
Fixing %cmi_user_canrankup% placeholder output Aug 22, 2021
New sub command as /cmi hologram update [holoName] which will force hologram update in case you want to update hologram which contains placeholders to show new information at specific moment instead of waiting for auto update event
Small change for /msg command. Now in case you include placeholders in it we will translate them if command sender isint player while using receiver player as source for those placeholders. For example /cmi msg Zrips Hey %player_name% sent from another player will result into "Hey %player_name%" as a message while sending from console results into "Hey Zrips" as we are using receiver as source.
Added missing [air] variable to default info command output when you hover game mode. This will not have any impact on you current setup so you might want to add it manually if you care about players current air state
New specialized command variables:
Added missing tree types: Azalea,Crimson fungus, Warped fungus
Small fix for /portal command when redefining new portal area which would not have updated properly until you restarted server
QOL for specialized commands. Addition of 2 new variables which goes together to achieve new mechanic. statement:[value]! and if:[statement][@][#]! Where can you utilize this? Its relatively simple.
Lets take as an example setup like
- statement:check1! hasexp:50! hasmoney:100!!
- if:check1! msg! [playerName] PASS
- if:check1@! msg! [playerName] FAIL
We have 3 checks in first line which result gets attached to custom name, in this case its "check1", you can name it anyway you want. Second 2 lines utilizes result of that check, so "if:check1!" line gets performed when first line returns true, while "if:check1@!" only gets performed when its false. This allows you to perform checks once and then utilize result for cleaner and faster command processing as we no longer repeating same checks, we will be utilizing results from previous one. So expanding on this you can create cleaner and more efficient setup like
- statement:check1! hasexp:50! hasmoney:100!!
- if:check1! command 1
- if:check1! command 2
- if:check1! command 3
- if:check1! command 4
- if:check1@! command 5
- if:check1@! command 6
- if:check1@! command 7 Aug 14, 2021
Small change to baltop to exclude players who never logged into game. This will prevent issues when player appears in top list while he got denied initial server join
Fix for players being able to continue sending you private messages when you change private message state to false with vanishedit and you already being in vanish mode. Now in case you modify it you will need to send private message to the player you want to talk for him to be able to reply to you.
Adjustments for warp changes not being updated fast enough in case you decided to reload plugin straight after modifying warp point with ingame editor
Fix for %cmi_user_jailtime% returning incorrect time
Added option to sell items by provided amount, for example /sell stone 50 would only sell 50 stone blocks even if you have 200 of those, or /sell blocks 100 would sell 100 blocks if you have enough of those but not more than that.
Now using elevator should not trigger recording of previous (/back) location
Some internal changes for god mode handling Aug 9, 2021
Small update
Small fix when we have chat message set to use gradients and you try to use hex color code while sending public message which would have resulted in empty output
Fix for sound command while using numeric player names
Fix for holograms being shifted down by one line Aug 5, 2021
Added option to trigger specific commands for scheduler when there isint enough players online. Defined with MinPlayersCommands config section
Fix when you use /reload on entire server and hologram manager goes into stackoverflow loop. Just a reminder that you should avoid performing /reload and actually perform full server restart to avoid issues in general. There is a reason why you need to type in /reload confirm
Now /inv should work on blacklisted players in case you are Operator
Added some missing statistics to be recognized with stats placeholder for newer minecraft versions
Added extra permission node as cmi.command.kiteditor.admin which will be required to edit kits commands with ingame editor. This will give you more flexibility and extra protection while giving access to kit editor to your staff and prevent having a risk for them to abuse command section.
Some extra adjustments to be more friendly with Geyser Aug 2, 2021
Small fix for sell command
Fix for holograms sometimes doubling down if it was updated rapidly. Usually gets caused by auto page switch and you manually switching page over at same exact time
New placeholder as %cmi_user_jailed% to return default True or False in case player is jailed Jul 29, 2021
Small adjustment for generateworth command to pick cheapest option in case we have multiple recipes to create item. This will prevent issues in case you have some custom recipes which uses special items which are worth allot more than it should be normally.
Fix or /nick command still outputting feedback message when using /cmi nick off -s
Fix for gm command outputing feedback message with -s variable
Added -s variable for /cmi kit command. Keep in mind this will only prevent feedback message when you are giving kit to some one else while getting kit to yourself doesnt trigger any default feedback message
Added extra information for /cmi info command while hovering over "god" to include noDamageTicks if player has any of those set while god mode itself is disabled. Those are separate mechanics while producing similar results.
Fix for error relating to holograms and pages
Fix for error relating to world limits and fly mode change
Fix for possible issue with shulker backpacks if you cloned it with creative inventory
For time being disabling auto respawn feature for 1.17 servers due to issues relating to this
Small fix for wrong player name infeedback message for /inv command while he is in blacklist
Fix for images not being taken from Images folder when trying to use one for ctext command Jul 26, 2021
Fix for issue with shulker backpack being able to be put inside one another
Added CMIPlayerUnjailEvent and CMIPlayerJailEvent events for plugins API
Added extra variable for exp command as [1%[min-max]][playerName]] this is same one as used for money command, so you can use something like /cmi exp give Zrips 10%[30-500] which will give Zrips 10% of exp based on current Zrips exp amount (if different user name provided then we will use him as reference point) but no less than 30 and no more than 500 exp points
Some optimization for tpall command to avoid teleporting every player in one go but have slight delay between each teleport to allow server to catch up and process everything without introducing lag spike when dozens of players gets moved to new location
Added option to define which type of material we want to sell with /cmi sell command like /cmi sell sand
Hard limited hologram show range to 64 blocks which is hard limit set by client anyways, so no point in starting to update holograms further than this
Fix for elevators not working with increased world height
Fixing some issues with listeners failing to be registered in 1.7.10 servers. Yes, its still a thing. This in general only allows for rest of the listeners to be loaded properly while some will not get registered and some actions might not work as intended on 1.7.10 servers. Its time to update!
Small change for voting mechanic, we will only register vote if actual player name is used and not his nickname. This is to prevent double voting while using real name and nickname
Fix for %cmi_user_weatherduration% placeholder
Fixing autorespawn feature causing some errors in 1.17 version
Fixing typo for removehome command tab complete
Fix for rt command struggling in nether
Fix fo rt command excluding nether warth block as possible safe place which was limiting how many safe places we can find in general in nether worlds
Some small changes when we teleport between worlds which could have resulted in inconsistent results in comparison when you teleport from same world to that same location Jul 23, 2021
Fix for ultimatestacker plugin creating error messages while using CMI holograms
Some prevention for shulker backpack being able to be open while its located on your head or offhand which caused some glitching out to happen
Small fix for error relating to maxworld height recognition
Added option to prevent /inv on specific players. This is in form of a blacklist which can be found in config file under Optimizations.Commands.Inv.BlackList section
Some changes for hologram API which will prevent its usage if hologram module got disabled by you inside modules.yml which by itself disables bunch of needed listener for it to work properly. If you are developer utilize basic check as CMIModule.holograms.isEnabled()
Some optimizations for hologram handling in general. If you notice any issues please let me know.
Now fun part.
Added images for ctext. This can be defined in one of 3 ways:
Head from helmet differs by skin helmet layer. While direct image definition requires for image file to be present in CMI/Images folder.
Optionally you can define image size like img:diamond.jpg 6 8 which will create 6x8 pixelated image. If not defined then we will default to 8x8
You can define side text with imgtext: for example "imgtext: {#gray}Welcome %cmi_user_display_name%{#gray}!"
End result can look like this

More information can be found at

Added images to holograms. As Ctext it follows same format, difference is that you cant define side text as we cant align it properly. Additionally you cant use dynamic player head names, so img:head:[playerName] will NOT work and you will need to set it as img:head:Zrips. This might be upgraded to support dynamic player names later on, for now its enough as it is. At same time difference is that you can use different images for different pages, while enabling auto page switch can produce something like this.

More information at
Side note, don't over do it. Even tho server can handle images with hundreds of pixel lines in animation mode, client will struggle with that. Its due to poor performance at client side when it comes to entity title handling. Jul 19, 2021
New placeholders %cmi_user_weather% %cmi_user_weatherduration% %cmi_user_pweather% %cmi_weather_[worldName]% %cmi_weatherduration_[worldName]% more or less self explanatory. Feedback is provided from weather command section
Fix for player being put looking to one specific direction when put in sit mode
Small fix for mirror command gui showing wrong lore for set location. And additionally now we will include actual location of set center position in this lore
Small fix for smite command performed from console with defined location
Now we will ignore capitalized names in chat for cap check. This is to prevent issues when you want to tag some one with capitalized name. Only applies to single instance, so if you start spamming capitalized name then same rules will apply. Jul 14, 2021
Hot fix for issue with offline players. Don't forget to update CMILib Jul 13, 2021
Fixing where [item] variable would have appeared as none translated one in console chat or discord.
Fixing issue with fly mode getting disabled on 1.17 servers.
Fixing issue with world limits (fly mode) derping out on 1.17 servers
Optimized internal statistics recognition speeds
Added new placeholder(s) as %cmi_user_stats_mainStat% for example %cmi_user_stats_MonsterKills% will print out amount of total monster kills. While %cmi_user_stats_MonsterKills:zombie% will print out total zombie kills. This is same format as we are using in rank system for requirements. Values will be presented in 3 different ways, as basic value like kill number, as time format for playtime and similar and as distance for distance relating stats
Fixing issue with offline players and 1.17 servers not wanting to be friends
Adjustment in %cmi_schedule_endat_[schedName]% placeholder behavior. Now it should return empty field if scheduler isint started and show remaining time until its ending while scheduler is running. This in general only applies when scheduler has delay! variable in it
Added error message informing about issue with your Chat.GeneralFormat or Chat.GroupFormat section having gradient set for {message} which is not allowed and you need to use appropriate section to define gradient for them, Chat.GeneralMessageFormat and Chat.GroupMessageFormat
Small change where now we will avoid adding players name in tabcomplete if we already added his nickname, if he has one.
Some adjustments for bungeecord handling Jul 11, 2021
New variable for /sit command as -persistent this by itself requires cmi.command.sit.persistent permission node and when used player will not get kicked out of chair state if he gets moved with pistons
New variable for /sit command as (location) this by itself requires cmi.command.sit.location permission node and when used player will be placed in defined location in sit position
New variable for /sit command as (-s) self explanatory
New variable for /sit command as (playerName) which allows to put players into sit mode by some one else. You still need appropriate permission plugin to perform this command on some one else than you
Now /sit command can be performed from console
Fix for /sell still selling items with custom name and lore even if you set it to be ignored.
Fix for rank recognition issue with latest builds
Small update for random teleportations and increased world height in 1.17 servers
Improved mob head drops by specific criteria, where we should drop specific head if specific conditions are meet.
Now sheep heads by default will be separated by their color, so we will avoid dropping red head after killing white sheep. This only applies on newly generated file. Jul 8, 2021
Hot/Quick/Tiny update
Fix for error appearing in 1.17 builds while using version which is compiled for 1.17.1 servers
Fix for issue with dyed leather armor with biome type which created some errors with invalid item stack
Some what fix/change/update for bossbar message to include new variable as -pcmd:"command;;command2" which can be used to perform command on each player while using with 'all' variable. Keep in mind that commands provided in this list will be triggered for each player while -cmd:"command;;command2" only gets triggered once and in case its used with 'all' variable it will not translate any global variables like [playerName] located in it

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