4 days ago

Now we will be stripping down hex color codes when sending public message to console. We will keep old color codes as those one worked decently before. This will only apply when we are modifying public chat
Fix for social spy not converting messages with contain [item] into appropriate feedback, same applied for links
Fix for scheduler when you have defined week day and you have another timer which would trigger at same exact time and causes first one to be trigger too. Sep 18, 2020

Added option to disable afk while fishing
Better support for ~ in tppos command
Fix for CMI failing to load if Dynmap fails to load
Fix for lastonline command including pages by all users which was including fake ones even tho it dint showed them
Added option to define worlds where night time speed up should be applied. By default this will work on all normal worlds
Added new variables for broadcast command as (-r:[range]) (-c:[world;x;y;z]) which will allow to show broadcast message in specific range. Center location is optional if you use this command ingame and not from console
Fix for rankup issue when we have more than one rank with AutoRankup enabled and you can rankup to both of them at once. Now we will avoid ranking player into any of those ranks if we will encounter situation like that. Informational message will be shown in console to indicate issue with rank setup
Fix for ptime getting reset after couple relogs Sep 16, 2020

Better support for vehicles plugin and armorstand editor
Fix for rank percentage wanting to stay at some point even if you changed config file and reloaded plugin
Fix for unmute command not having tab complete. Now it will tab complete user names who are online and who are currently muted
Fix for issue with cuffed players and whitelisted commands not behaving as they should
Fix for /cmi togglecompass state not being saved over server restart
Fix related to specialized commands when using ifonline:[value][?][#]! and ifoffline:[value][?][#]! from console while target player is offline
Added option to rename armorstand while middle mouse clicking on show/hide armor stand name in armorstand editor UI
Fix for item renaming in anvils when creating nametags with name of jeb_ and similar which failed to be recognized. Keep in mind that due to minecraft bug using command rename will still have this issue and only anvil renaming works until future minecraft fixes
Readjusting tps calculations to be more in line of reality Sep 12, 2020

Fix for cuffed players being able to sit on chair blocks. No sitting while you cuffed!
Fix for tps command showing error message for the first 10 minutes of server work
Added fire resistance effect for totem effect, to be on same level as vanilla behavior.
Added option to define duration of each effect when totem is used. This will help out with balancing out totem behavior and if needed to be nerfed down as 45 seconds of regeneration is quite overkill
Fix for giveall failing to recognize materials by general format
Fix for lastonline including some of the fake accounts, like towny towns
Now when setting bungeeportal location we will receive one of two messages: in ideal situation you will get confirmation about ser location straight away. This will only work when some one is online in source server, yea, this is how bungee works, don't ask why. In not so ideal situation you will get informational message that portal location setting got initialized and will be finished when some one joins source server, if some one joins it then you will get confirmation that it was set successfully.
Some what tiny upgrade for item recognition, now you can use command like /cmi clear written_book-5{Author:Zrips,Title:BookTitle]} to remove 5 books which author is Zrips and which has title as BookTitle from players inventory Sep 9, 2020

Fix for setmotd command printing out current motd in console while tabcompleting it in game
Adjustment for UseShortNumbers when we had value shown like 499.0k, now it will be more cleaner looking and will look like 499k in case there is no fraction, if there is, then we will show in regular 499.05k way
New placeholder as %cmi_baltop_shortmoney_[1-10]% which will show balance in short format, so instead of showing 99,990,098.00€ we can show 99.99m
Fix for dynamic signs not being updated after modifying file directly and performing cmi reload command
Changed default value for colors->PublicMessage from false to true, this will only have effect when generating new config file. But due to recent changes in how we handle this option we need to have it at true if we want to handle chat color codes by default, which minimizes confusion why color codes are not translated for those who are not aware of this option
New placeholders %cmi_server_online% and %cmi_server_online_[serverName]% which are more or less same exact thing as %server_online% and %server_online_[serverName]% but those will be properly processed while using from outside of CMI throw PAPI and will return correct player count, where old ones failed to do so
Fix for issue when in case we have Colors->PublicMessage set to false but CleanUp->publicmessage is enabled, we need to clean up color codes from text which is independent action from what permissions player has
CMIUserBalanceChangeEvent Will inclode source user if posible when money transaction is performed, to indicate who looses or gains money from this transaction. This is just indicator in case you want to perform some actions on it. Currently only applies to /pay command
Updated UltraPermissions plugin support for its new API which caused some issues
Small update to /tp command to address previous change where in case player was in vanish mode and you cant see him you would have been teleported to players logout location instead of his current one, now this will only apply if you are teleporting to the player and not teleporting some one else to him
Small fix for issue in case player got kicked from server for adling and then he reconnected which no longer put him into afk mode
Fix for /tps and /status returning slightly different tps results
Fix for error when trying to check playtime of fake account
Fix for error when saving player data which contains invalid death location Sep 6, 2020

I need some sleep... Fix for previous fix... Sep 6, 2020

Just a quick fix related to some locale not being colorized properly with latest versions Sep 6, 2020

Relatively hotfix for introduced issue when specialized command would not translate color codes as it was doing before. Sep 5, 2020