Jan 5, 2021
Small fix relating to player combat and flyc not being disabled entirely when player enters combat mode
Small fix relating to tag sound still playing when you ignore player who tagged you
Fix for issue with ride and sit commands interfering with each other
Now lore command will add new lore line if you dint provided lore line with /itemlore command instead of replacing first one
Fix for mute command when performing from console
Now in case player receives warning which points result into multiple warning options, we will pick biggest one instead of using all of them.
Now %cmi_user_nickname% and %cmi_user_cleannickname% will return players name if nick name is not set
Fix for issue with attachedcommands on older minecraft versions like 1.8.8 Jan 2, 2021
! Disable unlimited anvil level repair feature until future notice due to some issues caused by it.
Fix for fake CMI operator appearing in tablist in some situations
Small fix relating modded servers which have new blocks none existing in database
Fix for version command on modded servers throwing error (And just a reminder, CMI doesn't support modded servers, i could try to fix some reported issues, but it never was made to support them out of the box)
Fix for some commands including all possible tab completes when they should not have any
Now clicking on players name in search command output list will open players info page
New placeholder as %cmi_user_cleannickname% to show players nickname without any colors
Fix for votifier module not disabling properly when you set it to false in modules file while votifier plugin is still present
Now glow command should properly tab complete glow colors in addition to player names
Now /glow will open UI, you can still trigger that with /glow gui, but its more or less deprecated at this point
Now glow gui second line is centered, for better looks
Now glow gui will indicate your current glow color with enchant effect
Now glow gui will show chainmail armor for glow colors you don't have access to
Now when clicking on same glow color which is already set to you will remove it
Now glow gui will have separate button to turn off glow in general
Added default alias as /kits just for convenience sake
Now aliaseditor tab completes custom alias names which means that you can switch directly into specific alias editor by providing its name instead of going throw 50 pages while increasing levels of your frustration
Now custom tab completes for custom alias support spaces. This can be achieved by using usual _ and in case you need actual underscore use double, like __ This allows for you to have multi worded tab complete or entire sentences, in case you actually want to do this.
Now using $0 (Same as $1 or $2 or $1-) variable in alias command will include alias command name itself. In case you need that. Dec 31, 2020
Happy New Year!
Small fix relating to tab complete for alias like /day /night
Added new placeholder as %cmi_server_worlds% which will list all existing worlds in a String format
Extra fix for player combat remaining after player dies
New command as /cmi kill [playerName] (-force) (damageCause) (-s) (-lightning). This will kill player by default ether with Custom or Suicide damage cause. You can provide custom one if needed or shoot a lighting. If another plugin prevents player from being killed then you might want to use -force variable which will bypass this, you will need to have cmi.command.kill.byforce permission node
Fix for error when checking saved inventory from world which no longer exist
Fix for head command not giving item with correct texture on first use on the player while working on second try. Issue with new minecraft API.
Small fix for holograms wanting to not update properly after using command for this action
Fix for dynamic signs interval resetting in case it was recorded with a fraction
Fix for /blockinfo not including block hardness and blast resistance on 1.16 servers
Small fix/revert back relating to tab complete for sub main command tab completes like /invsee
Fix for portal relocation between worlds not updating old worlds name Dec 3, 2020
Small fix for weather command when correct whether type was not provided
Small improvement when parsing placeholders by internal CMI placeholders while player is offline
New placeholders: %cmi_usr_spy% %cmi_usr_cmdspy% %cmi_usr_signspy%
Small fix for flight recharge UI showing exp recharge in a wrong format
Added extra amount option for /recharge command which can be triggered with middle mouse click. This will add +10000 charges. Performed hard reset on this particular locale line to include new line
Fix for error when trying to tabcomplete /se 5
Added option to kiteditor to show kits in gui even if you already used it. This applies for limited usage kits and when you get it defined amount of times it would have just disappeared from UI, now you can make it stay, just to keep UI looking unchanged, if you want too. By default old behavior will be used, so kits will disappear from ui after all usages are exhausted.
Minimized kits.yml file to only save variables which are not in a default state. Just to avoid saving data which doesn't change anything about kits behavior
Fix for kit nameCantUse and nameCanUse locale sections being inverted
Fix for /smite command error in some situations
Added -s variable for /afk command. Keep in mind that due to how /afk is handled, this variable will prevent any commands from being performed from defined list, so by using -s you will switch players afk state, but command which should be performed when player enters/leave afk will not get performed.
Small optimization when sending chat messages which are based on json
Improved hologram custom head handling. Now it will process head textures in async which will prevent any lag spikes which you might have encountered if you had a head by none existing player name or player who never played on server
Improved /head command performance
Improved /give command performance when trying to get players head with custom skin
Fix for /iteminfo issue on turtle egg's Nov 16, 2020
General update push
Change in kit item placement into players inventory. Now not only action bar items but items from entire inventory will be placed into defined slots if possible, if not, then usual plament will be implemented. So now you can predefine entire inventory look when you get a kit
Fix for /pay command allowing to send money to the target player even tho end user had reached its maximum allowed balance which resulted in some lost money
Fix for issue with commands having cost and cooldown while having them set to only trigger when extra variable is provided, aka with space at end
Fix for issue relating custom alias and cost being set on them
Fix for issue relating to portal teleportation to bungee server after its reloaded and not teleporting player to exact location
Cleared out some of the old deprecated code relating to legacy materials in 1.14+ servers which will lower cached map for material recognition which will sligtly speed up processes related to this. Keep in mind that due to this you might need to update any place which still uses ancient type of material defining methods like 52:95 to be changed into spawner:wolf or similar. Materials will no longer be recognized by ID on servers above 1.13, use material names instead. This lowered records from previous 5641 to 1343. Thanks YouHaveTrouble who reminded me about this.
Now items which got its name or lore modified will have attached specific nbt data to indicate that. This can be utilized by other plugins in case they want to check for items which got modified throw command. For item name ModifiedName tag with boolean type value will be added and for ItemLore it will be ModifiedLore. Disabled by default and can be nebaled in config file in case you need this
Fix for editctext command when trying to edit text with specific content
Fix for editctext showing expanded format text as suggestion when it involves gradients instead of original text
Fix for openbook command when using numeric player names
Fix for issue with inventory save from unloaded world
Fix for issue when you would have 4.99999999€ which resulted into 5.0€ as a rounded number, this only applied for displayed amounts but could have caused some confusion in some rare situation. Now we will proerly show decimals
Fix for issue with links in mail causing some issues when you have incorrect link detection
Fix for issue with kit access when using kit command name and not kit config name for permission node definitions
Fix for issue with boss bar messages failing in some situations with error message in console
Added missing locale lines for spawnereditor UI
Fix for issue with custom alias not being recognized properly when you have multiple of those under same core command
Fixing issue with tpo and tpohere commands not including player names into tab complete if you dont have .others permission node
Fix for warmup not working on custom alias commands
Fix for command not working on base alias commands
Fix for not being abble to put hand while your inventory is full but hat slot is empty
Fix for money log failing to deal with bigger amounts
Some adjustments for bossbarmsg command to keep updating placeholders even if actual bar is no longer filling up and its on hide stage.
Fix for bossbarmsg command using keep time for a main timer incase main timer is not defined which doubled show time
Added CMIPlayerNickNameChangeEvent event which will be fired when players nickname gets changed. This can be canceled or nickname itself could be modified, in case you need that
TR locale update by DeltaWindless
New permission node as cmi.command.afk.kickOutIn.[seconds] where you can define when player needs to be kicked out after he goes into afk mode. Bigger values will be prioritized, so if you want to utilize this to fullest potential set auto kick in config to smaller number then you will have set it by permissions
Fix for error when trying to rename dragon egg
Some improvements relating to cooldown recognition when it comes to commands with same core prefix, like /fix and /fix all both can have their own cooldown
Updated mysql database collumn check code which could have caused some people issues when missing collumn was not detected correctly and it wasnt being created
Fix for legacy model still being initialized while loading kits
Fix for homes gui icon being defaulted to stone
Fix for nickname command issue introduced in last version
Fix for bossbar command issue
Aditional fix relating to legacy data still being triggered in some rare situations
Some fix relating to player display name being set to empty field
Fix for couple commands not including player names as a tab suggestion
Small change for ShortNumbersSuffixes which now support custom defined values and you can more control over it. Old format still works
Fix for warp gui showing stone icons if it wasnt set to custom item
Fix for warmups not being triggered when using alias command and not base
Updated some default values for combat management to be set to false by default
Separaetd locale line for /afkcheck all command out put and added feedback message when there is nothing to show
Fix for warmups not being triggered when using alias command and not base
Fix for eeror relating to bossbar when it doesnt have some needed values to calculate current state
Fix for issue where player could have dropped head when he had totem in his hands while dying
Small change for condense/uncondense commands when providing material name which now check if resulting item could be reverted back into its original form instead of checking only one sided recipe. This will make it work in same way as it does when material name is not provided
Fix for %cmi_baltop_money_[place]% placeholder sometimes throwing error message
Some small changes in public message handling to minimize issues with other plugins which might want to use global chat for channel messages
Fix for vanished players appearing on dynmap after loging into server with vanish mode enabled
Now jail cells will be randomized when jailing player, just to make sure that all cells are used from time too time
Fix for accasia sapling, banners worth value failing to be loaded
some improvements when it comes in recognizing warp by its name to be more efficient which can have some what performance impact in case you had quite few of those
Some changes relating to /se and shift right clicking a sign to edit it which should have better compatability with protection plugins
Changed event listener priority for spawner break with silk touch or/and spawner charges from higest to high, this could help out to resolve some issues with slimefun plugin compatability.
Fix for ptarget specialized variable firing on seamingly random player if actual player name was not provided
Some changes relating to old mariaDB type tables which causes some issues due to lack of dynamic row option missing in their core settings
1.16.4 support
Removed support for 1.16.0 and 1.16.1 while keeping support for 1.16.2 1.16.3 and new 1.16.4. No one should be using those versions in any case.
Fix for cheque command performed from console including extra color code which wasn't properly translated
new permission node as cmi.pvp.cmdBypass which allows to bypass command blocking while you are in combat mode
Fix for warp command complaining when no warp name got provided
Fix for jail bossbar appearing for brief time if you leave afk mode and you have NoAfk set in jail configuration section
Now /cmi chat create have 2 extra variables: -locked -persistent. Where -persistent will create chat room which will remain even after server restart or even if no one joins it for some period of time. -locked means that players without specific permission will not be allowed to leave this chat room or send public messages from it if he is not chat room owner. Both variables require appropriate permission nodes to be used. mainly for staff purposess only
Now console can kick players from chat room by simply providing players name like /cmi chat kick Zrips which will kick Zrips from any chat room he is in currently
Extra sub command for chat rooms as /cmi chat force [playerName] [chatRoom] which will join player to defined room by force.
New permission nodes for previous new features: cmi.command.chat.create.persistent cmi.command.chat.create.locked cmi.command.chat.force
Added feddback message when inviting some one into chat room
Small fix relating to player teleportation to specific location while having option to fly but being placed on ground and not into specific location in air
Fix for error when we are changing players fly mode durring combat startup
Fix relating to /se command when usint hex color codes
Small fix relating to error when using holograms with floating icons in 1.16.4 servers
Fix for chat color limit issue when using gradient color codes. This was a weird issue as you had access to both ends of colors but not to those in between. Now it seams to work properly
Fix/update relating to scavenge feature where items keept its repair cost after being scavanged. This prevented players from using it again if previously it was heavily modified/repaired. You can turn this off in config file. Enabled by default.
Added 2 dubcommands for hologram command to addline and deleteline where you can add new line to the hologram which will be placed at end of list and you can delete line by provided number
Some fixes relating to legacy material names in 1.12 servers
some update for newbie kit in kits.yml file as it contained some what incorrect command
Fix for portal editor UI not showing button which allows to toggle between exact bungee teleportation location and location you logged off that server
Added missing title for worthlist UI
Added -s for spawn command in case you dont want to show feedback message
New permission node as cmi.command.shoot.[type] to allow usage of specific shoot types
Some additional section for eventCommands playerKillPlayer category to be able to set sourceCommands which will check specialized command conditions by the killer. This is different in sense that current commands section is checked against victim and not who killed player
Fixed spelling for largefireball for shoot command
Added enderpearl, splashpotion, firework, dragonfireball and every other entity out there. So now you can shoot pig's if you want too. And keep in mind that entities can be defined in similar way as you can with spawnmob command, so /cmi shoot pig:baby will shoot baby pig
improved item recognition when used in spawnmob command while defining items on spawned entities
Added option to open gamerule UI page by defining world name you want to edit, this aditionally got tabcomplete for convenience sake
Some optimization relating to vanish listener and
Fixing small issue with shift right click on signs to open editor
Fixing issue with silent chest and shulker box nesting inside another shulker box
Fix for issue with armorstand editor issue
Posible fix for old issue with Citizens npc having interactive commands some times "loosing" them
Fix for issue with repair command and cooldown not wanting to work properly when we have set different cooldowns for different subcommands. This in general should fix similar issue for other commands
Fix for repair command requiring you to click on payment confirmation button instead of accepting it by repeating command
Small fix for error message when using /cmi back command on a world which doesnt exist anymore
Some cleanup for /shoot tabcomplete
Small change for rankinfo output for nextRanks section to avoid adding gold color to the rank names. Aditionally changed hard coded rank separator to be taken from locale file, this is about ", " so you can use your own
Small fix relating sit command on a bed block which is not a full bed block, aka doesnt have secondary part of it
added new permission node as cmi.dropspawner.basedropchance.[percent] which can override set value in config file if player have it. Biggest value will be used
Small fix for mirror command still working when mirror module was disabled
cmi_user_expp cmi_user_missingexp cmi_user_missingexpp
Fix for issue with mobs not wanting to spawn when there is player with vanish mode enabled which have no mob spawning enabled but mobs for regular players tend not to spawn even if vanish player is not nearby
Fix for note command allowing to add empty notes
Extra check for afk mode when player breaks block
Extra check for afk mode when player respawns
Added option to define near command default distance in config file
cmi_maintenance_state cmi_maintenance_message
Fix for issue on 1.16 servers when trying to get mojang item name, mainly visible in iteminfo command
Fix for ride command issue when you are trying to ride player and player gets his view blocked, now player should be placed slightly above him which gives full view
Some small fixes relating previous ride command update
Now elytra boost will show speed in red when durability is ending just as indication that player needs to go down
Warps will be ordered alphabetically unless warp page and slot is provided
Now editwarp requires basic cmi.command.editwarp.others to edit some one elses warp
Added option to define slot when giving item which will try to place it in that slot if its empty one. If you will give more than max stack size allows then overflow will be placed to first empty slot while full stack into defined one.
Added message to indicate that no one is hearing your message if you have chat with a range and no one is near you to see it. This does take into consideration hidden players
Small fix relating to block break and afk mode
Fix for Towny issue with their new debt economy system
Small fix for 1.8.8 server when trying to access items original name
Small fix for specialized commands "check" variable
Added custom model data into /iteminfo window
Added basic option to block elytra flight in particular worlds. Located under worldlimits section in config file. Reglar permission node to bypass as cmi.worldlimit.elytra.bypass. This faeture will only prevent from glyde mode beign toggle on, it will not remove elytra from player inventory, but it will inform player that he cant fly here
Small change for flight mode not being reenabled if you dint had cmi.command.fly.safelogin permission node
Fixing issue with [item] variable when displaying shulker box which contains gradient type of text items and minecraft converts it into one big mess which exceeds limits
Fix for equation and similar ones which can contain placeholder inside placeholder not wanting to be friends with PlaceholderAPI placeholders Oct 10, 2020
Fix for %cmi_worth_buy_[material]% and %cmi_worth_sell_[material]% placeholders returning values formatted to 2 decimals automatically while it should have been done by economy plugin which can include special symbols or show more or less decimals. So now we will properly format output by economy plugin.
Fix for issue when you are using alias command in custom alias and you don't have permission for command and instead of reporting of missing cmi.commnad permission node you are getting base.command requirement
Some changes relating to alias commands with delay! variable in them. Now you cant initiate command second time if first one still running. So by having delay! prevents command usage until command ether fails to be process due to some specialized command checks or its finishes it. In case you want old behavior, use softdelay! variable instead. This will work with alias, portals, IC and holograms.
Small error fix relating bungee portal particles
Fix for issue with %cmi_playtimetop_name_[1-10]% and %cmi_playtimetop_time_[1-10]% throwing error message in some situations
Fix for serverlist command getting disabled in case you disabled afk module
Some additional fix relating to unloaded worlds.
Some update for combat mode handling.
Added option to disable fly mode if player enters into pvp or pve mode. Yes, those are separate ones. One is when player hits another player and other when player hits mob. Can be bypassed with cmi.pvp.PFlyBypass and mi.pvp.PFlyBypass persmission nodes. Disabled by default
Added option to block all commands and only allow defined ones in the list while player is in combat mode. Again, you will have 2 separate lists, one for pvp and one for pve, so you can have better control what you want to allow and when
Added option to show bossbar message with a timer when combat mode ends. Once more, you will have option to enable/disable for pvp and pve modes separately. Only applies for servers 1.10 and above. Oct 6, 2020
Small change for portals forceupdate sub command, now it can be performed from console
Small fix in case we have invalid regex set for nickname check it its preventing us to change nick name. Now we will go into default regex while printing out error log and still allowing to set nickname if it passes default check
Fix for commands suggesting players names even when you dont have .others permission node
Fix for cooldown being triggered when performing command with cost set on it
playtimetop now will include your own position in the list, similar way as baltop does it now
New sub variables for heal command as (-nofeed) (-ignoreffects) (-dontextinguish) in case you don't want to feed, remove negative effects or extinguish player which is healed
Fixing issue with exp calculation in exp command when adding by 1 exp at certain thresholds Oct 5, 2020
Fix for weird & being shown sometimes
Fix for issue when chat colorizing is disabled but we would still update color codes in some situations
Added extra option for vanishedit command to disabled nearby mob spawning. This is enabled by default, so no mobs will spawn near you if you are in vanished mode. This will not apply if some one else is nearby you
Fix for recipe command performed on firework rocket causing error message
Added option to define player command cooldown with permission node as cmi.cooldown.[some_command].[seconds] which will override existing cooldown. Keep in mind that for this to work you need to set default cooldown for this command in config file, otherwise it will not have any effect. Spaces needs to be replaced with _ so for example if you want to change cooldown for heal command when its done on others, use comething like cmi.cooldown.cmi_heal_.50 which will set 50 second cooldown when player heals some one else, but will not apply when clean heal command is used.
Inverted visualization of portal particle permission requirement feedback in GUI. It was oposite to what it should have looked
New subcommand for portals command as /cmi portals forceupdate [portalName] which will force portal update for the players. This can be useful if you made some changes to portal or to player access to this portal and want it to be updated without any need for player to move or relog to see changes Sep 21, 2020
Now we will be stripping down hex color codes when sending public message to console. We will keep old color codes as those one worked decently before. This will only apply when we are modifying public chat
Fix for social spy not converting messages with contain [item] into appropriate feedback, same applied for links
Fix for scheduler when you have defined week day and you have another timer which would trigger at same exact time and causes first one to be trigger too. Sep 18, 2020
Added option to disable afk while fishing
Better support for ~ in tppos command
Fix for CMI failing to load if Dynmap fails to load
Fix for lastonline command including pages by all users which was including fake ones even tho it dint showed them
Added option to define worlds where night time speed up should be applied. By default this will work on all normal worlds
Added new variables for broadcast command as (-r:[range]) (-c:[world;x;y;z]) which will allow to show broadcast message in specific range. Center location is optional if you use this command ingame and not from console
Fix for rankup issue when we have more than one rank with AutoRankup enabled and you can rankup to both of them at once. Now we will avoid ranking player into any of those ranks if we will encounter situation like that. Informational message will be shown in console to indicate issue with rank setup
Fix for ptime getting reset after couple relogs Sep 16, 2020
Better support for vehicles plugin and armorstand editor
Fix for rank percentage wanting to stay at some point even if you changed config file and reloaded plugin
Fix for unmute command not having tab complete. Now it will tab complete user names who are online and who are currently muted
Fix for issue with cuffed players and whitelisted commands not behaving as they should
Fix for /cmi togglecompass state not being saved over server restart
Fix related to specialized commands when using ifonline:[value][?][#]! and ifoffline:[value][?][#]! from console while target player is offline
Added option to rename armorstand while middle mouse clicking on show/hide armor stand name in armorstand editor UI
Fix for item renaming in anvils when creating nametags with name of jeb_ and similar which failed to be recognized. Keep in mind that due to minecraft bug using command rename will still have this issue and only anvil renaming works until future minecraft fixes
Readjusting tps calculations to be more in line of reality Sep 12, 2020
Fix for cuffed players being able to sit on chair blocks. No sitting while you cuffed!
Fix for tps command showing error message for the first 10 minutes of server work
Added fire resistance effect for totem effect, to be on same level as vanilla behavior.
Added option to define duration of each effect when totem is used. This will help out with balancing out totem behavior and if needed to be nerfed down as 45 seconds of regeneration is quite overkill
Fix for giveall failing to recognize materials by general format
Fix for lastonline including some of the fake accounts, like towny towns
Now when setting bungeeportal location we will receive one of two messages: in ideal situation you will get confirmation about ser location straight away. This will only work when some one is online in source server, yea, this is how bungee works, don't ask why. In not so ideal situation you will get informational message that portal location setting got initialized and will be finished when some one joins source server, if some one joins it then you will get confirmation that it was set successfully.
Some what tiny upgrade for item recognition, now you can use command like /cmi clear written_book-5{Author:Zrips,Title:BookTitle]} to remove 5 books which author is Zrips and which has title as BookTitle from players inventory Sep 9, 2020
Fix for setmotd command printing out current motd in console while tabcompleting it in game
Adjustment for UseShortNumbers when we had value shown like 499.0k, now it will be more cleaner looking and will look like 499k in case there is no fraction, if there is, then we will show in regular 499.05k way
New placeholder as %cmi_baltop_shortmoney_[1-10]% which will show balance in short format, so instead of showing 99,990,098.00€ we can show 99.99m
Fix for dynamic signs not being updated after modifying file directly and performing cmi reload command
Changed default value for colors->PublicMessage from false to true, this will only have effect when generating new config file. But due to recent changes in how we handle this option we need to have it at true if we want to handle chat color codes by default, which minimizes confusion why color codes are not translated for those who are not aware of this option
New placeholders %cmi_server_online% and %cmi_server_online_[serverName]% which are more or less same exact thing as %server_online% and %server_online_[serverName]% but those will be properly processed while using from outside of CMI throw PAPI and will return correct player count, where old ones failed to do so
Fix for issue when in case we have Colors->PublicMessage set to false but CleanUp->publicmessage is enabled, we need to clean up color codes from text which is independent action from what permissions player has
CMIUserBalanceChangeEvent Will inclode source user if posible when money transaction is performed, to indicate who looses or gains money from this transaction. This is just indicator in case you want to perform some actions on it. Currently only applies to /pay command
Updated UltraPermissions plugin support for its new API which caused some issues
Small update to /tp command to address previous change where in case player was in vanish mode and you cant see him you would have been teleported to players logout location instead of his current one, now this will only apply if you are teleporting to the player and not teleporting some one else to him
Small fix for issue in case player got kicked from server for adling and then he reconnected which no longer put him into afk mode
Fix for /tps and /status returning slightly different tps results
Fix for error when trying to check playtime of fake account
Fix for error when saving player data which contains invalid death location Sep 6, 2020
I need some sleep... Fix for previous fix... Sep 6, 2020
Just a quick fix related to some locale not being colorized properly with latest versions Sep 6, 2020
Relatively hotfix for introduced issue when specialized command would not translate color codes as it was doing before. Sep 5, 2020