✔️ Netty Crashers (Packet Decoder)
✔️ Server Crashers (Invalid position, Chunk overload, Exploitable commands, and much more)
✔️ Smart Packet Limiter (Using packet rate)
✔️ Invalid Items
✔️ Anticheat Disablers (Certain methods that can be used in order to disable certain anticheats)
✔️ Entity Overload (Prevents server crashers by using entities such as snowballs or minecarts)
✔️ Redstone Exploits
✔️ Invalid Actions (Action validator takes care of certain exploits such as invalid teleport attempts or player status)
✔️ Duping (Invalid inventory - container actions, Chunk exploits, and much more)
✔️ UUID Spoof
✔️ Null Address
✔️ Invalid Placements
✔️ Invalid Signs
✔️ Invalid Books
✔️ Many More!

Note that some exploits get detected by different modules, For example most book exploits can be detected by the Packet Decoder or Invalid Items check

For a full list make sure to read the config.yml

Discord Alerts

Receive alerts from CoffeeProtect to your Discord Server by using a Webhook.

Making it easy for you to catch exploit attempts even when you're not online!

Dynamic GUI

Enable or Disable certain settings and checks in game at any given time via a Wonderful GUI, Without the need of a server restart!

Player Logging System

Store Player Violations by using a Database of your choice, And review them yourself by using CoffeeProtect's GUI!


View player information such as their Client Brand or Protocol Version.

You're also able to prevent specific client brands from joining the server!

Q) Does CoffeeProtect support Geyser? (Bedrock Players)
A) Yes! CoffeeProtect is not affected by Bedrock Players.

Q) My server has custom items or plugins that can cause issues with CoffeeProtect, what do i do?
A) Within the config.yml file, you can configure every single check to make it fit your server properly.

Q) Where am i able to report any issues, errors or anything related?
A) After getting verified on our Discord Server, You can then open a ticket and report any issue you're having, Once we're available we'll have a look and try to resolve it.

Q) Is this better than X Y Z?
A) We don't know, we respect every developer's work especially for the products that have been on the market for years, We'll never claim to be better than any other plugin, We'll instead let our customers form that opinion.

Q) Will CoffeeProtect prevent vanilla mechanics, DDoS attacks or VPN's?
A) No, CoffeeProtect will protect your server mostly at a packet level, some interactions that can cause damage to the server such as specific redstone exploits may be prevented, however CoffeeProtect won't check for redstone machines that cause some lag.

CoffeeProtect may be incompatible with the following

Plugman (Reloading in general)
Any weird badly coded Packet Listening API's


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