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Minecraft Servers use GUIs for many different tasks from lobbies to shops. Command Panels takes a simple approach to YAML scripting to create a powerful yet simple design. Use variables, data, placeholders and other powerful tools to fully customize your GUIs.

If you don't feel like scripting, Command Panels is one of the only free plugins you will find that provides a powerful in-game editor. Almost every feature that is available when scripting is included in-game.

Making a plugin? You can use Command Panels as a library to make your own GUIs for your plugins. It's as simple as making a panel, adding the panel YAML file to your plugin and adding one line of code to open the panel.


Main Features

Use the In-game Editor for simple GUI creation, the editor can even do complex functions like implementing logic!

Powerful YML style scripting to add AnimationsLogic and Data to your GUIs!

Use the Developer API for easy GUIs in your own plugins (using this as a dependency) or simply to interact with Command Panels.

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