5 days ago
Bug Fixes and Additions
- Added makeItem() to the API, use CommandPanels item creation method for your own plugins
- Added the PanelClosedEvent
- When in /cpd debug mode, panels will auto-update when opened and they will also update live while open if the YAML file is edited and save
- Modified the method for removing dupe items
- Added auto-update-panels which will update panels automatically only when they are opened (appose to using /cpr).
- Fixes items becoming glitchy in the player's inventory while panels are open Jan 12, 2021
Bug Fixes
- Item settings will now save properly
- placeholder= tag with the panel name was deprecated earlier and is now fully removed. Jan 11, 2021
Bug Fixes and Additions
- Fixes Hotbar Items sometimes not appearing in the inventory
- Fixes visual glitches where panel items sometimes appear outside a panel after it is close
- Adds a custom material item book= <Author>, similar to the lore, using 'write' will be pasted in the book
- In the panel row: section, if instead of entering a number an InventoryType is entered, such as HOPPER, the panel will inherit that type of GUI. Not all InventoryTypes will work, and if you use the InventoryType LECTERN and set the item slot '0' to a book=, it will create a book GUI. Jan 11, 2021
Bug Fixes
- add-data= Would act the same as set-data= when adding data for other players
- math-data= Would act the same as set-data= when adding data for other players
- del-data= Would produce an error when deleting data for other players
- Added the ability to view data for other players optionally %cp-data-<dataName>,<playerName>%
- addPanel() would not work correctly in the API Jan 10, 2021
CommandPanels v3.15.0.0
Optimizations, Fixes and Additions

- Fixed and finished the Command Panels API
- Added a Panel object to the API
- The refresh-value: 4 in the config is now set to 1 = 1 tick instead of 1 = 5 ticks so that animations and refreshes have no speed limits. (use 20 if it was set to 4 before and you want it to stay the same)
- Fixes comparing custom panel items to other items with enchantments
- Improved /cpl command
- Optimisations and cleanups (roughly one or more optimisations for every feature)
- The refresher now uses the PanelOpenedEvent appose to the InventoryOpenEvent
- Added enabled-worlds that can be used alongside disabled-worlds Jan 8, 2021
CommandPanels v3.14.6.0
- The placeholder= tag now follows a new format: placeholder= <placeholders> instead of placeholder= <panel name> <placeholders>
- Adds cpi= <custom item> a material tag that can take panel custom items and use them.
- Added %cp-setdata-dataPoint,dataValue% to edit data values via placeholder.
- Added%cp-mathdata-dataPoint,dataValue% to edit number data values via placeholder.
- For example, adding these placeholders in the name section of an item will execute it every time the panel refreshes, with no changes to the name visually.
- refresh-panels= <number> that is in the config.yml for controlling panel refresh speeds can now be added into panels to add a different value for that panel only.
panel custom items can now contain hasvalue, hasperm, etc inside of them. Jan 6, 2021
CommandPanels v3.14.5.2
- The example.yml and template.yml panels will now only generate when the panels folder is deleted, instead of when there are no panels inside of it.
- Stationary Hotbar item slots will no longer be unusable if a player has no permission for the hotbar item. Jan 4, 2021
API Addition
- Adds a Developer API with multiple functions and events. Details can be found on the Wiki Jan 3, 2021
Bug Fixes

Items from panels had the rare chance of ending up in the players crafting inventory. These items will now be useless, essentially visual glitches as they delete after a player interacts with them. Dec 30, 2020